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Kitchen and living room in an open space: separate or together?

Kitchen and living room in an open space: separate or together?

Here are 3 ideas to separate the dining room from the lounge

After being a guest in various homes, were you impressed by those which combine the kitchen and living room in an open space too? Having the dining room and lounge together is very common these days, but as these two rooms have different functions, you may feel the need to separate the two settings, to emphasise their function better. So here are 3 ideas to separate the kitchen from the lounge in an open space!

A partition "wall"

Are we sure you can split a room in two without walls? Yes, we are: just use a wall system. Not only does this solution act as a partition between the kitchen and living room, but it is also both practical and decorative. In fact, did you know you can customise the structure, fitting shelves, open-fronted compartments and wall units with doors? The wall system thus allows you to display your ornaments, books or even your kitchen utensils. What’s more, the choice of prized materials and sophisticated finishes makes this element a focus feature in your open space, while at the same time delivering a smart and functional separation of settings.

Dividing up the open space with a sofa

An item of furniture such as the sofa can also become the symbolic threshold between the kitchen and the living room, creating a seamless transition between the two spaces. Choose a designer sofa that blends in seamlessly with both areas, perhaps opting for colours and fabrics that recall the kitchen modules. The idea is to place the armchair in a strategic position, creating a kind of “island” which delimits the cooking and relaxation areas, without sealing them off completely.

Hiding the kitchen in an open space

What better way to separate the kitchen from the living room visually than making one of the two settings disappear altogether? A concealed kitchen is exactly what you need: thanks to the larder units or panelling, you can house either your appliances or even the entire kitchen, keeping it concealed from view when not in use. This option not only enables you to separate the open space by carefully concealing the operating stations, but it also ensures you retain a superior aesthetic and functional level of the furniture.

If you want some more tips on separating an open space, just contact a Scavolini dealer!
Kitchen and living room in an open space: separate or together?