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Kitchen cabinet doors in the limelight!

Kitchen cabinet doors in the limelight!

Innovative and surprising materials and finishes to customise cabinet doors, blending them in with the kitchen in the best possible way and creating an unmistakable style.

The doors are the most visible part of a kitchen.
That’s why it’s important to have an extensive range of available finishes and materials, from classics, such as wood, lacquered and glass, to mortars and resins, through to high-performance technical materials that make the functional use of solutions which were unheard of in the kitchen now possible. Alternatives that allow for an interpretation of one’s style and taste with precision “to the nearest millimetre”.


Mid-way between traditional and contemporary

Wood is a timeless material, and its warm textured feel lends the kitchen an evergreen personality. It embodies various styles easily, both in the plain doors of a modern kitchen, and in the frame doors of a setting with a more classic vibe.

Evolution sums up both versions. In compositions with plain doors, there are new plain coloured decorative melamines and decorative melamines with an attractive concrete effect that clad the kitchen with elegance.

Whereas the natural finishes of the frame or plain doors in Land Oak decorative melamine are contaminated by the details of the matching metal structures, with a more urban style.

Glass also makes an appearance. In this offering, the wall unit doors with Anthracite finish aluminium frame are in Screen glass which stands out for its special partially “see-through” processing. These elements imbue the heart of the home with an enjoyable high-technical flavour, together with ultimate clean-cut and linear design for the doors which are distinguished by recessed grip profiles that allow convenient opening without having to use a handle. 


A thousand and one types of glass

The glass door makes a room bright and airy, and it comes in various shapes and colours, mixed with other finishes, such as wood or lacquered finishes. It becomes a distinguishing feature in the frame doors of more traditional models. It takes on a more contemporary look in total white versions such as the LiberaMente model with Bianco Prestige polished glass doors.

In a kitchen with a professional personality such as Mia by Carlo Cracco, the doors in clear Stopsol glass, a particular type of covered glass, are incorporated into the steel fronts for convenient storage solutions. Whereas with the wall units of the wall-mounted Prestige White matt lacquered composition, it offers the perfect combination of materials, together with the exclusive brass finish side handle, to create a practical and elegant setting.


Lacquered doors are among the most popular solutions of all time, as they lend the kitchen a touch of modernity. That’s thanks to their surface, with its strong styling impact, and the broad range of colours available, both glossy and matt. In addition to the lacquered finish, one of the latest-generation of materials that accommodates contemporary furnishing needs is Fenix NTM®, which gives the door a strong styling impact. It is shown here in the DeLinea model in London Grey and paired with aluminium frame and smoked glass doors. There’s also Biomalta, a finish capable of cladding the kitchen with extreme sophistication. 


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Kitchen cabinet doors in the limelight!