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Kitchen wall unit opening mechanisms without secrets

Kitchen wall unit opening mechanisms without secrets

What different types of openings exist and how to assess and choose them to suit your own individual needs.

Shutting and opening: how many times a day do we do these two things around the kitchen?
From the moment we get up in the morning, at lunch and dinner, and also during snack time and when we put our shopping away in our wall units. That’s why it’s important to know which wall unit door opening systems exist. Let’s look at them together. 


Opening systems

The most traditional type of door opening there is, the hinged door that opens on the left or right is one of the most widespread solutions owing to its practical use. 

The flap door moves from the bottom up and stays open, giving you the freedom to access the interior of wall units without any impediment.

The sliding door is the solution allowing you to glide the doors along runners. It has the benefit of being a practical system which takes up little space, but it does not guarantee full visibility of the contents of your wall unit.

With handles, recessed grip profiles and push-pull

There are multiple types of handle which contribute towards giving your kitchen shape and character.
They therefore have a superior styling value to adapt to the style of the chosen model, while at the same time being functional and making doors, drawers and baskets practical to open.

A door with a recessed grip profile or shaped has a clear stylistic value and blends in seamlessly with modern and minimal compositions.

The push-pull system, which is hidden away from view, is used simply by lightly pressing on the element to be opened, to ensure the doors have a clean-cut and linear shape.

Classic or modern? Find your ideal kitchen and discover the solutions to furnish it according to your requirements.

Kitchen wall unit opening mechanisms without secrets