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Let’s make plans for the kitchen!

Let’s make plans for the kitchen!

Practicality, hygiene and personal taste: the three elements to put together for the kitchen worktop that suits you

The stylistic developments in household furnishings attributes a vital role to materials, in terms of aesthetic styling and functionality. Today, innovative solutions enable our kitchens to be clad with precious and unusual finishes. Great “classics” such as laminates, lacquered finishes, wood and glass have been supplemented with new high-tech materials affording superior performance levels. This is also the case for kitchen worktops which are evolving thanks to various offerings that make it possible to customise the personality of the kitchen and make it even more efficient in everyday culinary tasks!    


Steel for professional kitchens

With its extremely useful steel top, the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen allows you to work with the utmost freedom, just like a professional Chef with all the tools of the trade at your fingertips!

Placing, cutting, chopping: a real chef needs the support of a worktop that offers outstanding performance levels and is also practical to clean. A stainless steel worktop is a reliable and robust surface, offered for the areas intended for cooking and for washing; moreover, it constitutes a design choice that is always fashionable. A favourite in professional kitchens, it is vital for accurate preparation and in full compliance with hygiene standards.


The strength of stone

Elegant materials among the most prized and top-performing, marble and granite are evergreen.

Marble is a very elegant natural stone, that embellishes its surroundings, making them truly unique. It is a bright material that adds light to a room, and it is both hygienic and resistant to knocks and abrasions. Its versatility also makes it adaptable to any style. An application example that veers towards classic style can be seen in this first proposal of the Exclusiva kitchen with worktops in Emperador Marble and Carrara Marble.  


Top materials and colours contribute towards giving rise to our dream kitchen, to prepare dishes on beautiful, sterile and ergonomic surfaces. What top do you feel like?


Let’s make plans for the kitchen!