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Living room: various types of equipped walls

Living room: various types of equipped walls

With a load-bearing side panel, wall panelling or independent modules. A variety of solutions for all needs.

They complete the living room with a host of different possible solutions. In short, modern equipped walls are furnishing elements that embellish the setting, marking its style and embracing its efficiency, while also contributing towards achieving outstanding space distribution. Let’s look at some of the different types we can choose from depending on your styling requirements and your family’s needs.


Double-Sided Wall

The partition wall with “Fluida” Wall System anchored to the ceiling makes it possible to devise an entrance between two adjoining rooms, with a system of wall panels, containers and shelves which can be devised freely according to the available dimensions. Thanks to its flexible dimensions, it also makes it possible to exploit the various compartment opening versions (open-fronted or with flap doors, bottom-hinged flap doors, or pull-out baskets).
The two sides means various rooms can liaise with one another. One part faces the kitchen, while the other facing the living room includes open-fronted compartments and wall units with flap or bottom-hinged flap doors, and is also fitted with a space to house the TV for perfect relaxation.


Creative Wall Panels

The wall panelling visually defines the composition and has a technical supporting function to assist the fixing of various modules.

In this Mood composition, the textured wall panel in Hub Oak decorative melamine is the basis on which shelves and storage elements can be dynamically arranged, shown here with Prestige White matt lacquered and Mink matt lacquered doors with matching coloured glass tops.

A more classic version yet one with a contemporary design is the generous wall panel in Stopsol mirror from Exclusiva, combined with the Dove Grey glossy lacquered hue of the other elements.



Mood with “Fluida” Wall System in Nuance Larch decorative melamine stands out for the blend of shelves, open-fronted compartments and spaces closed with textured doors in Vertigo decorative melamine.

A solution with wall-mounted base units also for the proposal with a metropolitan feel for a minimal living room: closed and slanted doors in Ice matt lacquered finish combined with open-fronted wall units in Prestige White coloured metal, for an area of the home that won’t go unnoticed.


The shape of glass

The alternating materials and finishes turns these equipped walls into genuine furnishing elements. Glass defines the closed areas, adding lightness to the whole, as in this Carattere model that enhances the value and balance of the space set aside for the living room, thanks to the glass doors with Iron Grey matt lacquered frame and the “Fluida” Wall System in Nuance Larch decorative melamine.


Discover all the solutions to create your perfect living room.


Living room: various types of equipped walls