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Matching kitchen and bathroom

Matching kitchen and bathroom

Complete solutions for the kitchen and bathroom

“Will that piece of furniture go with the rest of my interiors?”: when you’re planning your home, one of the biggest challenges is furnishing all the rooms together, managing to imagine the final outcome. To avoid ghastly combinations, one solution is to opt for similar kitchen and bathroom models, or at least versions which share the same style. In this article, we’ll show you how you can match your kitchen and bathroom with bewitching modularity and finishes.

Same design: minimal and clean-cut

The kitchen and bathroom are some of the most lived-in rooms in the home, enjoyed by both family and guests. Succeeding in visually coordinating the two spaces, almost giving the impression of not even changing rooms, will help create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

One of the keys to achieving this harmony is to start with a shared furnishing style: if for instance you’re in search of a modern and clean-cut design, you’ll find it in a living room and bathroom with geometric silhouettes, where the door with an L-shaped profile plays the starring role. 

Identical finishes: slat decorative melamines

What better match than a chromatic one? When used for the kitchen modules, the bathroom furniture and/or the walls, a winning colour palette will help accentuate the continuity between the settings, while at the same time adding movement to the compositions.

To achieve impeccable results, you could also opt for furniture in the same finish: in this case the Mira kitchen model and the Miko bathroom are a perfect fit, as they both offer a slat door, a truly wow-effect detail.

Similar details: the accessories

Are your dream kitchen and bathroom the epitome of neat and tidy? In addition to the aesthetic aspect, when you furnish and decorate the living room and bathroom, you need to focus on functionality, bearing in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time in these rooms. Your allies are therefore capacious wall units and plenty of open-fronted elements, to store and keep your day-to-day essentials within easy reach at all times.

Another essential element is light: imagine laying out your culinary exploits in the dark? Choose ceiling lamps, lamps or spotlights that blend in seamlessly with both settings, arranging them above the kitchen island and above the bathroom washbasin to create an immediate visual connection.

For more tips on how to match your kitchen and bathroom furniture, please contact one of our Dealers!
Matching kitchen and bathroom