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Modern style takes shape

Modern style takes shape

For those who constantly pursue new, beguiling shapes

To create atmospheres oozing with sophisticated design in painstaking detail.

The kitchen: a place to live, to share, and to show off

If you pick a modern environment, your choice will focus on material silhouettes and unprecedented colours, as well as on high-tech accessories. Amid the simple and linear solutions or those with a decidedly trendy design, here are some of the many alternatives which Scavolini offers for modern kitchen enthusiasts.

Tetrix: the kitchen that reveals a soul and a taste for innovative kitchen settings, founded essentially on modules and colours.

Providing much more than a simple composition, it is a new way of interpreting spaces. Tetrix is a game of blocks and voids, where the kitchen becomes a functional place that you never take for granted, where apparent “chaos” conceals a clever ability to combine functionality with freestyle aesthetic interpretations.

Tetrix, design by Michael Young, in this composition showcases a single setting to demonstrate domestic vitality and joie de vivre. The advanced design of the Tetrix kitchen environment offers unprecedented possibilities, and it integrates the kitchen and the living room with perfect nonchalance.

LiberaMente: striking yet simple silhouettes, clear-cut geometries, decorative elements that are integrated within the living room and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the home.

This Scavolini model offers functional solutions that draw their inspiration from the pursuit of the utmost freedom of composition and minimal styling.
The distinguishing feature of this kitchen is the absence of any handles since the doors are opened by means of a recessed grip profile. LiberaMente also features open-fronted modules for the most diverse configurations, living room elements and a great variety of finishes and colours.

LiberaMente makes it possible to use glass in kitchen and living area designs. An excellent result and the outcome of scrupulous research to achieve a singular combination of “scenic effect” and unmistakable functionality. The glass door lends this kitchen, and your home, great character.

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Modern style takes shape