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Saving water and energy

Saving water and energy

It is important to pay particular attention to consumption especially during the summer.

In summer because of the strong heat you are likely to dramatically increase the consumption of water and electricity, with obvious consequences not only for your bill but also with the possible suspension of supply.
What are the steps that you can take for a reasonable and conscious consumption of these two items that are so precious?

The 90° cycle with pre-wash is the most inefficient for energy use. For a lower power consumption you should use the low temperature washes.

The fridge

It would be good to remember that every time you open the door of a refrigerator or a freezer the energy consumption increases due to thermal dispersion; it is therefore appropriate to avoid opening fridge and freezer too often and too long.
You must then check that the rubber seals of the fridge door are always in good condition.
In fact, the seal prevents leakage of hot air that could translate into a greater stress for the fridge and therefore more energy consumption.

The dishwasher


Select the washing option in accordance with the actual level of dirt on the tableware.
In summer, among other things, we always tend to eat lighter and have less fat so you may choose to set a different washing option from the one used in winter, remember to start the dishwasher only when it is fully loaded.
The best time to use the dishwasher is between 5 pm and 10 am the morning after.

Washing machine


For a lower power consumption you should use the low temperature washes, remembering that the 90° cycle with pre-wash is the most inefficient for energy use.
It is preferable to drying in the open air. Use the washing machine at night.
It has been calculated that appliances kept on stand-by consume large amounts of energy.
During the summer if we go on vacation and stay away from home for several days, it is always important to turn off any electrical device via the power switch.
Let's see how we can help protecting drinking water, avoiding its wastage.

Fit an aerator to your taps


Nothing is more usual in the kitchen than fiddling with the taps.
Intelligent usage of water is suggested with the use of a tap aerator.
In general, however, a good rule is to open the tap only when you need it to avoid running the water unnecessarily.

Repair a dripping tap

Prompt repair of any damage or anomaly in the water system is recommended more than ever.
Among other things you also benefit in health, avoiding annoying nighttime clicking sounds.


Soak vegetables instead of washing them with running water

It is true that vegetables should be washed thoroughly, but this is equally effective if you soak them in a bowl using running water only for a quick final rinse.


Recycle used water for watering plants

For daily watering of plants and flowers, you can use already used water.
For example, the water used for washing vegetables will be suitable for the plants, which do not really require drinking water.
Saving water and energy