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Scavolini introduces Carattere

Scavolini introduces Carattere

The pleasure of striking yet simple styling

Carattere is a model with style.

Its international appeal offers elemental silhouettes that combine refinement with functionality.
Vuesse’s stylistic research leads to the arrival of this new highly attractive model, where beauty, class and design merge together to embellish and enhance the value of the space dedicated to the kitchen and living area.
The concurrent introduction of five new warm veneered finishes  (Arena Ash Scav906, Mocha Ash Scav907, Cotton Ash Scav908, Ivory Ash Scav909, Ashes Ash Scav910) makes it possible to configure this model, which is extremely trendy, towards a “classical-contemporary” style: the traditional composition structures are highlighted, as they are capable of being contaminated with a more minimal and sophisticated sensitivity.

The frame door is Carattere’s signature, an element that brings together classical proportions and contemporary, clean-cut shapes.
Now that the trend for absolute minimalism has been and gone, elegance these days can be identified in the refined balance of past and future. The frame door of the Carattere model, which is typical of classical furnishings, accommodates in fact the contemporary taste for sophisticated settings in keeping with the typical clean-cut shapes of modern furniture.

The solution with frame door is available in two versions.

The more “traditional” version with a new fixed and variable size handle becomes an elegant graphic feature.
In the full-length version, the handle emphasises the size of the frame, and even becomes one of its distinguishing features, an extreme restyling of the classical handle that matches the frame door. 

The version with the handle grip integrated into the door, along its entire length, constitutes a great architectural novelty, since it can be considered to be the “new look” for the more classical type of recessed handle.
This version of the Carattere kitchen is capable of amplifying the pure essence of the model and it stands out for its style and sophistication.

Lighting is another significant innovative element in the design of Carattere, and it can be used to customise it and to create sophisticated alternating light and shadow that mark out specific areas of the kitchen itself.
Whether that means lights for completely illuminating the inside of wall and tall units or a continuous line of light in the backsplash between base units and shelves, the role of lighting is central to the perception of the kitchen space, as it is to the feelings with which you interact with the space itself.
An absolute novelty for Carattere, the "Orizzonte” illuminated magnetic backsplash  which is solely available in matt Prestige White with polished Aluminium or matt White profile.

There are two hood models which convey the personality of this model:

> the "Carattere” steel hood recalls the shapes and materials of traditional hoods, but here it reinterprets them in an oversized version for large cooking areas. Only available in the wall-mounted version.

> the "Funzione” hood portrays the elegance of the linear and contemporary shapes of the Carattere model. Simple silhouettes, ideal for any setting and every style. Available in the wall-mounted or island version, in double white and steel finish, both with transparent glass end.

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Scavolini introduces Carattere