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Setup system for the bathroom

Setup system for the bathroom

The Setup equipped wall panel adds practicality and a touch of style to your bathroom

When it comes to furnishing the bathroom, several elements should be kept in mind: where should you put your shaving essentials? How should you arrange your creams and perfumes to create a beauty corner? The answer to your questions lies in Scavolini’s Setup system, an equipped wall panel for the bathroom which is concurrently useful and attractive. Let’s find out more together!

Equipped wall panel

Are you tired of filling your drawers with organisers? Have you run out of space on your shelves? Installing an equipped wall panel in the washbasin area will allow you to benefit from more space to organise your toiletries, while at the same time enhancing the appeal of your bathroom furniture. Indeed, this is because the Setup System can be customised in both the modules and finishes, to suit the chosen style of the setting: look for instance at how every element of Idro matches the next, highlighting the minimal and contemporary design picked for this bathroom.

System with back panel

Did you know you can also order the Setup System with a back panel to match the washbasin cabinet or other matching furniture? Be inspired by the modern Rivo bathroom, where the wall panel is the same colour and finish as the wall unit: you could use the former to display scented candles, perfumes and lotions and the latter to stock up on your shampoos and clean towels.

Wall panel with sliding doors

Another design gem is the Setup System with sliding doors, which makes the bathroom even tidier and cool: the idea is to store your everyday essentials inside, away from the nosy gaze of guests.

In short, the combination of functionality and elegance makes this bathroom space-saving solution a must-have for your home!

Setup system for the bathroom