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The mesmerising effects of bathroom coverings

The mesmerising effects of bathroom coverings

Clean surfaces, prized decorations and natural inspiration. The well-being boudoir welcomes some unprecedented functions thanks to coverings devised specifically for the bathroom.

There are so many ways to be inspired in order to design a bathroom where the user can feel completely at ease. After all, there is never a real shortage of ideas and insights, although there never seem to be enough! The unique elements of bathroom coverings and certain tile layout examples to implement in the bathroom will allow you to begin imagining your very own well-being boudoir that gives off just the right vibe. Enjoy!

Tip-top cleanliness

The creation of the ideal relaxation area accommodates unique tastes and priorities which embrace unexpected and unprecedented style choices. Modern bathroom  coverings combine elegance, cleanliness and minimalism, giving rise to various sensations depending on the chosen material. The lack of wall tiles allows for versatile and creative freedom of composition. The Formalia bathroom composition with Titanium coloured Status Wall System and independent resting trays in Garden Walnut decorative melamine leaves plenty of room for the Magneto mirror to shine through with its perimeter light. When the bathroom covering is installed along the full height of the wall, it becomes a more discrete feature of the room. The Tratto composition with washbasin area features Mink matt lacquered vanity cabinets; the top is in Grey St. Laurent marble, whereas the Essence sit-on washbasin is in ceramic. Here, the full-height covering welcomes the open-fronted elements, conveying warm and welcoming sensations for a notable cleanliness, in the aesthetics and more!

Elegance in decorations

For those in search of that classic wow effect, sophistication rhymes with decoration. Painstaking care for details and combinations provide the perfect backdrop to this pursuit of well-being which should lie at the heart of every bathroom. This refined poise conceals the most varied bathroom covering ideas. Pursuing classic verve means reinterpreting the most popular decorative elements, with wall decorations which today reveal a simplicity that has struck the perfect renovated balance. The Magnifica bathroom composition includes carefully selected elements, for a relaxation room where Total White embraces the same leitmotiv of understated post-modernism as the metallic details. The décor style bathtub with its raised edging, chrome-finish feet and floor-standing taps distinguishes this simply impeccable combination and brings to mind the pomp and splendour of luxury settings from past centuries.

Up and coming contemporary appeal characterises the Gym Space bathroom compositions, where practicality accommodates the pace of modern life and the ideal type of tile replicates tiling usually found in changing rooms. A laying pattern that mimics a wall in basic shades of Black&White emphasises the gymnastics wall bars in dark Core finish, together with the Calce Nero stoneware top and the Oxide Steel decorative melamine doors. The result: clean-cut furnishings that are exquisitely functional!

The call of nature

Some furniture draws its inspiration from trends, with the most fashionable colours, and some trends never go out of fashion, such as the furniture recalling the hard stone found in the mountain tops. One way to pay tribute to the thrill that rushes through us when faced with the immensity that is nature, in a Sturm-und-Drang to enjoy at home, is to take stone into our domestic furnishings. A stone effect  bathroom covering matches a great variety of materials - it all depends on your intended look! Juno combines Navajo Elm decorative melamine with a wall-mounted vanity unit fitted with a Fiore di Pesco Carnico Marble top with its gentle pink hues. The harmony achieved by the composition elements finds its utmost expression in the white metal open-fronted wall units and the Flint Grey decorative melamine wall panel. This type of wall emphasises the washbasin and lends an elegant touch to the washing area which proves quick to keep neat and tidy!

And when functionality is top priority in the bathroom too, the wall panel of the Line System modular system, for instance in Pietra d’Iseo Ceppo Porcelain Stoneware finish, allows you to store your everyday cleaning essentials on the wall and thus leave maximum freedom of movement.

Which bathroom covering solution brings to mind maximum well-being for you? Find out more at Scavolini dealers!

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The mesmerising effects of bathroom coverings