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The new Lido bathroom

The new Lido bathroom

Introducing the latest new entry from Scavolini: the Lido bathroom collection

Which two terms best describe the new Lido bathroom designed by Vuesse Design? Minimal aesthetics and, at the same time, sophisticated finishes. Let’s browse through the details of this collection together: as you read on, you’ll discover how they boost the setting, focusing on practicality first and foremost!

A design choice

The distinguishing trait of this model is the squared door combined with the round recessed grip profile, which can both be customised in terms of colours and finishes: how do you want yours? You truly are spoiled for choice, yet other eye-catching features definitely include the new slat, lacquered or glass doors and the Round and Linear wire mesh frames that can be used to create sophisticated compositions while maintaining a balanced and elegant mood.

Of particular interest are also the pearl-effect colours developed for this collection: Cuvée, Pas Dosé and Perlage enhance this contemporary collection to the full, adding character to your interiors.

There’s no need to forgo style with Lido: the Setup countertop system with Linea sliding door, combined with the plain and slat glass door with painted aluminium support, is a clear example of how you can easily mix and match the various design solutions to create your dream bathroom.

Practicality and beauty at your fingertips

Aside from the harmonious colours, when furnishing a bathroom it is essential that you avoid neglecting the concept of comfort, remembering that the bathroom is a place to relax in, certainly, but it is also the venue for a quick shower: so how do you go about avoiding piles of towels and toiletries cluttering up your spa space? The Lido bathroom collection offers a series of space-saving furniture and accessories, with closed or visible shelves, which are perfect from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.


What do you make of the wall-mounted bar, fitted with a matt lacquered open-fronted element, complete with pull-out trays to keep your routine skincare products within easy reach? In the Lido bathroom, nothing is left to chance and even “simple” shelves can have character.

Do you never have enough room for your beauty products? Find more storage space in the large storage mirror this model has to offer.

As regards mirrors, remember to plan for lighting too, as this will help brighten up your bathroom and fully enjoy some peace and quiet and precious pamper time.

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The new Lido bathroom