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Tips for a spring-time home

Tips for a spring-time home

The warmer weather is on its way so now is the time to refresh and renovate your interiors.

The need to stay at home can become precious time to savour;  to regain the love we feel for our everyday surroundings, which now more than ever protect us and keep us safe.

Uncovered time

The colours of the walls, the layout of the furniture, cleaning or tidying up: where do we start? These are all aspects which help us feel at ease in our domestic nest.
Let’s embellish our home with positive elements, taking our cue specifically from the harmony of nature, that’s just outside, calling to us and inspiring us in all its glory!

A rainbow of positivity

We know that colours affect our physical and mental well-being. Various shades of green, nuances of yellow, orange, pale hues such as pink and sky blue can stimulate positive feelings and images such as the warm sun, large expanses of lawn, dawn introducing a new day and a clear-blue sky on a spring day. And delving into such feelings and emotions can help us keep boredom at bay, and consider how to use them to refresh walls and furnishings, to feel more relaxed and connected with a more serene natural dimension.

Spaces for happiness

Our intimate relationship with our domestic spaces and the objects within them help us feel welcome, like a warm embrace. Our favourite armchair, the living room where our interests focus, the pleasure of spending time in the kitchen to prepare our favourite dishes, the absolute relaxation afforded by a bathroom that pampers us, are all there, ready to fill us with joy. This way, we can remember what makes us feel good, think of new solutions to improve further that feeling of familiarity that we may have neglected a little during “normal” everyday life.

More or less

Reorganising our home could mean adding some simple elements, such as house plants which buzz with energy, colour and also help purify the air. But it also means getting rid of things, according to the infamous saying: “Less is more”. With this in mind, we can make the most of the opportunity to clear out items from our home that weigh us down, changing their function or getting rid of them if they are no longer useful, according to the useful-as-ever Marie Kondo method. A great tidy blitz that will help us feel more active, and lighter.

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Tips for a spring-time home