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TV cabinets with sliding doors

TV cabinets with sliding doors

Originality joins forces with modernity in the living room thanks to cabinets with sliding doors

Keep the remote within easy reach: what’s on TV tonight? Whether you’re binging on a new series or allowing your guests to pick a film to watch, you need a special TV corner to enjoy your viewing fully. Why not have a surprise one: how would you like it if your TV magically appeared from behind a cabinet door? Here’s a selection of our living room furniture with sliding doors.

Unconventional solutions

The lounge is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, dedicated mostly to relaxing and socialising, as well as working. To accommodate all these needs, every element - bookcase, table, armchairs, storage units and desk - needs to be ideally positioned, furnishing a comfortable and multitasking living room.


Thanks to its extensive modularity, the Formalia living room reinterprets the home system thanks to customisable equipped walls to deliver perfectly organised spaces. These include the Status Wall System, consisting of wall units with framed glass doors, ideal for displaying your ornaments and souvenirs, and sliding door, which conceals/reveals the TV or magazines as and when needed.

Ever new configurations

One of the advantages of having a living room cabinet with a sliding door is specifically the fact you can move it as you see fit, creating ever new configurations, to accommodate tenants and/or guests as needed. For instance: are you worried about the cat scratching the TV screen when you’re out? Cover it up to keep it safe when you’re not there. Or: are you afraid your grandson or your favourite nephew might mistake your favourite book for a sketch pad? Create a hiding place with the sliding door to avoid any unfortunate creative incidents.


The doors can be combined with your chosen kitchen colours and are also ideal for completing configurations for corner living rooms.

Contemporary, rigorous and clean-cut

Another selling point of a TV cabinet with a sliding door is that it blends in seamlessly with modern interiors, as demonstrated by the Libra model: the squared plain door is extremely fashionable and conveys a sophisticated and contemporary style.

Find the perfect place to fit your TV corner - ask a Scavolini dealer for advice!
TV cabinets with sliding doors