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What can you put above the kitchen wall units

What can you put above the kitchen wall units

There is more than just wall units. A few ideas on how best to use the space between the units and the ceiling.

What can you do with the empty space above the kitchen wall units? It often remains unused, whereas it could be used in so many different ways, whether to decorate the kitchen or to create extra furnishing elements, or to add wall units or shelves on which you can put different objects.
Let’s have a look at some ideas on how to give your kitchen more verve and space. You will be amazed!

Useful objects that are not too handy

Wall cabinets contain an extremely diverse world of crockery, pots and pans, food, different kinds of cooking utensils. You can place many objects on top that are useful in the kitchen, but that you don’t use every day because they are harder to reach, such as small appliances or pots and pans. Alternatively, you can create a small art gallery with vases, pictures, framed photos or travel souvenirs, with a compositional harmony that enhances the decoration of the environment and at the same time evokes emotions and tells stories about us and our families.

Wall unit garden

Natural touches of green in the home provide pleasant sensations of well-being and make the settings more colourful and fragrant. Even in the kitchen, plants peeping out from on top of the wall units are a great furnishing idea. There are a few simple rules to be kept in mind: the room should be well lit, the plants should be small and resilient to temperature changes and their leaves should be cleaned regularly.

Some of the most suitable types are herbs, which are small and require minimal care and attention, and pothos plants, which are climbing plants and evergreens that are perfect for putting in the most remote corners of the room. There are also plants that purify the air and improve its quality, such as climbing ivy, which, according to a study carried out by researchers at the American College, eliminates 78% of the mould in the air.

Up to the ceiling

The space to fit everything is just too small, so what? As well as using the space on top of the wall units, you can think about changing the kitchen with ceiling-high wall units or with a double row of open or closed wall units. Another possibility is to add shelves along the entire length of the wall in order to obtain extra centimetres and design a stylistic continuum between the kitchen and the living room. Wall Systems allow you to design different configurations with a lot of flexibility, as they are available in a variety of styles and models. This way you can create bookcases, shelving and cabinets in line with the aesthetics of the kitchen, thanks to the wide range of elements and sizes available. It will be even easier and look tidier if you create corners for books, recipe books and so much more, moving them from the living room to the kitchen so that they are always at hand.

High creativity

Another solution is to enhance the wall, not with cabinets or accessories, but with colours and decorative ideas. You can paint the wall with a different colour, even a bright one, to accentuate the space above the wall units, especially if you have a high ceiling. Slate effect paints can also be a modern and attractive solution. Alternatively, you can let your imagination run wild with designer wall stickers, choosing the patterns that you like best and that suit the model of your kitchen.

And then... Christmas is just around the corner and you’ll be able to indulge yourselves with garlands and lights to decorate kitchen wall units as well. And if you don’t know where to put the bottles to be uncorked for the holidays and the New year, here’s a last-minute idea: create a small wine cabinet up there, to give you a beautiful space-saving solution!


What can you put above the kitchen wall units