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Where to put your bathroom towels

Where to put your bathroom towels

Hooks, bathroom cabinet, shelves.... Let every towel have its place!

Let’s address a vital issue: where to put your bathroom towels? If you’ve also asked yourself what the best way to organise your bathroom towel set is, then this is the right article for you: keep reading to uncover 6 ideas on where to put your guest towels and clean bath towels!


Let’s start with a simple yet effective solution: hooks. Placed strategically near the shower, beside the washbasin or behind the door, hooks are a practical option to hang both towels and bathrobes. They are also ideal for small bathrooms with a limited amount of space.

Closed bathroom cabinet

If you prefer to hide your towels away from curious eyes, a closed cabinet, such as the vanity unit or a small cabinet, is the perfect solution. Since they have well organised internal compartments, you’ll be able to store your folded towels inside drawers, making your bathroom look neat and tidy.

Wall unit and open shelving

Would you prefer to keep your towels within easy reachOpen-fronted elements and open wall units could be just for you, but beware of the untidy look: make sure you fold all your towels properly, even being creative in your folding, to generate the image of a curated and luxurious bathroom, where everything is at your fingertips and ready for use.

Floor-standing or wall-mounted towel rails

A timeless classic, the towel rail is both practical and super functional. Available in various styles, colours and sizes, you just need to find which model matches your bathroom the best: do you think you’ll go for a wall-mounted towel rail or will you avoid drilling holes in the bathroom wall and opt for a floor-standing model?

Baskets and organizers

If you need to furnish a large bathroom, baskets and organizers prove effective not only to organise your towels, but also to fill up all the available space: the matching towel set can thus be transformed into a decorative feature, in keeping with the style of your bathroom.

If you’re expecting guests, you could also consider the idea of using a pull-out tray or a modern little stool to leave guest towels out for their use and create a spa-like atmosphere.

Shelves and towel ladder

Versatile and trendy options are also ladders and shelves, which you should also pick to optimise and make the most of the vertical space in smaller bathrooms. Used not just for towel storage but also as an item of interior décor, the wall-mounted towel rail adds a personal touch to your bathroom, allowing you to hang towels, but also place scented candles, lotions and succulents too.

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Where to put your bathroom towels