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Your kitchen: an island of happiness

Your kitchen: an island of happiness

All of the advantages of a choice that enhances the environment with fascinating, modern and functional solutions.

The kitchen with island easily adapts to different kinds of houses, from the traditional one where the space dedicated to preparing meals is separated from the living room, to the one aimed at creating a strong aesthetic impact or being open to conviviality and to the different functions of its environments. Let’s have a look at the different contexts in which it can be designed.

The new feel of conviviality

When the kitchen is the place par excellence, the focal point of the home environment, the island is the indispensable work tool that is ready to welcome the different activities of all family members at all times of the day. The Baltimora composition is intimate and linear, a classic model with a modern twist, where everything elegantly revolves around the central island, the key element of everyday living and a social life.


Unprecedented stylish harmonies

Precise and surprising aesthetic choices shape the rooms thanks to the arrangement of walls and furniture so that all of the elements communicate with each other.

In the kitchen with Qi island, the large wall of Hono Elm laminate shelves and wall panels with the basin containers is in perfect harmony with the hob and the Cristalplant sink and the island hood.

An elegant and functional response for those looking for distinctive solutions marked by beauty and sleek style.


The conviviality way

In a large space, where all aspects of family intimacy can be experienced, the kitchen with island becomes the heart of a welcoming and sociable setting. 

With its modern silhouettes, simple shapes and innovative materials, this Carattere model sums up all of these needs and combines all of the essential functions around it for the pleasure of cooking and being together.


Stylish open units

An open plan, a home where there are no boundaries and where furniture and functions intermingle with each other. In this context, the kitchen with island becomes another element of creative freedom, around which bookcases, shelves and furnishings can be arranged and which can ideally continue through to the living area and mark its style. The Sax proposal with an urban feel is in Concrete Dark decorative melamine for the island and tall units, a highly effective finish that combines perfectly with the Mist decorative melamine of the base units and living room, while the “Metro” Wall System is in Anthracite aluminium with Concrete Jersey shelves.

Your kitchen: an island of happiness