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3 kitchen models with full-height wall units

3 kitchen models with full-height wall units

The benefits of full-height wall units: no clutter and plenty of storage space for highly sophisticated settings!

When Italian design goes beyond the limits of traditional furniture, the most surprising solutions come to be. Thanks to furniture that exploits the full height of the kitchen, each composition becomes a creative space organised with the utmost precision. Ceiling-height kitchen wall units stand out for their maximum storage space and tidy appearance which conveys elegance and prestige to the composition.
High wall units can be emphasised with glass doors, or they can come in the same finish as the base units. Here are 3 ideas to design a kitchen while fully exploiting the height of the wall units. Allow yourselves to be inspired!

MIA: when storage becomes a professional affair

The MIA by Carlo Cracco kitchen teams aesthetic and functional elements together for easier meal preparation and outstanding management of creative space.
Every detail in MIA is like an ingredient in the chef’s famous dishes: designed with attention to detail to strike the perfect balance throughout. In such a context, even voids are functional and designed with expertise: an empty space above the wall units in the kitchen is a huge absence you do not miss. In fact, high wall units replace the traditional mid-height furniture and innovate the usual storage management through glass solutions devised to display and sort useful and decorative objects. A modularity oozing all-Italian professional charm, which distinguishes the MIA models indelibly.

Carattere: hidden welcome

The Carattere kitchen with ceiling-height wall units accommodates a classic taste with a modern twist. The full-height furniture is designed to accommodate everyday utensils, hiding them away for an even, understated look.
The composition in various shades of grey with steel appliances offers a romantic and straightforward delicacy. The combination of the light grey doors with the white worktop and wall panel brings to mind the charm and majestic allure of Italian art, like a statue that combines classicism with timeless modernity. The geometric volumes that define the doors are emphasised by the Switch cupboards in contrasting colours, offering versatile storage solutions.

Boxi: neat and tidy sophistication

In this kitchen configuration of the Boxi model, the organisation of the room is accentuated by the ceiling-height wall units, which tower over the middle of the wall-mounted composition. Storage is provided in a handful of wall units, teamed with visible elements that lighten the overall look of the composition. There is no need to ask yourselves how to fill an empty space in the kitchen here. Indeed, the starring role is played by the balance between furniture and free spaces which coexist harmoniously in this contemporary-style composition. A large, airy open space that makes the best use of light and emphasises it with clean-cut shapes and minimal stylistic choices.


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3 kitchen models with full-height wall units