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A dip into total wellness

A dip into total wellness

How to turn the bathroom into an area dedicated to well-being and relaxing both body and mind.

Well-being comes in many shapes and sizes. It can come in the shape of a relaxing bath to “switch off” from your daily engagements, or a revitalising shower to start the day off with a spring in your step, or in constant exercise to stay in shape and feel good, every day. Several possibilities to enjoy moments at home that convey pleasurable and unique feelings to us, in harmony with ourselves and with our surroundings.

Water that regenerates

A large shower, even if it is minimal, can become the main venue for your domestic well-being. When we need to recharge our batteries, entering “another” space allows us to set off again with an energy boost. Shower systems welcome us with the regenerative power of water, with lightness and simplicity.

The shower can take up an entire wall or be positioned in a corner of the bathroom, or we can “isolate” it from the remainder of the bathroom elements using a screen, to create a cosier corner that is always open to total wellness! 

Feelings of pure well-being

Contemporary design brings new concepts to the fore, thanks to the use of innovative materials, bathtubs, unique style items in which to be pampered and also to show off.

Indeed, as they will find it hard to go unnoticed!

They can play the central starring role of the bathroom, constituting a symbolic mark in the setting for exclusive moments of relaxation.
Otherwise bathtubs can be highly attractive solutions embedded into the setting, to create cosier and more intimate areas, such as the Sintesi built-in bathtub: in both cases, they remain mesmerising solutions that are often must-haves when the size of the room allows it.

Balance inside and out

The furniture is another important factor to create a bathroom dedicated to relaxation. The materials, colours and accessories used contribute towards creating the right, pleasant atmosphere. Pale, restful shades, natural finishes that convey warmth and make you feel at ease turn this setting into a more welcoming place. Storage surfaces and practical wooden shelves house a book or your favourite herbal tea near the tub. With charming lighting where the architecture of the exterior becomes one with the interior, creating the perfect Zen atmosphere for the pursuit of inner balance. 

The perfect trainer

Those who care about their appearance cannot forgo exercising regularly to stay in shape. Gym Space is the perfect solution for those who train every day, combining aesthetics with fitness. Bathroom furniture becomes part of a lifestyle heralding all-round well-being, thanks to the reinterpretation of Gymnastics Wall Bars used as the base structure onto which sports equipment and containers for bathroom essentials can be applied.

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A dip into total wellness