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A living room for all tastes and personalities

A living room for all tastes and personalities

What does the living room mean to you? Let’s discover some ideas and tips on how to design the perfect living room

How do you design a comfortable, functional and aesthetically beautiful living room? It is not just a matter of style: to make a living room truly special, you need to furnish it with the right furniture and accessories, ones that best suit your living needs. In the next paragraphs we show you how each living room idea can have a different configuration.

If the living room for you is all about socialising

Scavolini solutions are highly versatile when it comes to modularity and finishes, but, in order to choose the right one, it is extremely important to have a clear idea of how you want to experience a particular environment, while outlining your priorities. In fact, everyone should feel comfortable at home, shouldn’t they? Therefore, when furnishing a room such as the living room, it is essential to surround yourself with accessories that portray your personality and also sustain your passions.   


For example, if you love being surrounded by friends and family, and preparing delicious food for them, our advice is to steer towards compositions with a large central table, perhaps extensible, around which you can get together with your loved ones. So here’s where the Diesel Get Together collection, the quintessential model of sociability and home comfort, fits the bill: the concept works on blocks of colour and materials, providing a fluid system where shelves, perfect for holding cookbooks, and Misfit Chest cupboards, ideal for storing the dinner service, create the perfect setting for all those moments with the family.

If the living room for you is all about relaxing

After a long day at work, do you need some time on your own? Does reading a good book or watching some episodes of a trending TV series help you unwind from the daily grind? If the answer is yes, then a wall-mounted structure should most definitely be added to your living room.


The Formalia model showcases the Status Wall System, featuring wall units with aluminium and glass frame doors, and a unique sliding door, which reveals or hides the TV within, depending on your preference. How can you warm up the atmosphere even more? Unroll a rug so that you have a soft, warm feeling underfoot while you are relaxing.

If the living room for you is also a passageway

Do you see yourself as a dynamic person? Do you hate setting limits for yourself? Then you’ve probably opted for an open space in your home, so that you can move freely between the kitchen and living room and be guided by your daily mood.


You already know how important it is to create a certain stylistic continuity between settings, matching the furniture as best as possible so as not to mimic a chaos effect, but what are the essential furniture components to actually do this? We’re here to advise you: compositions like the Libra living room, with slat glass doors and matt glass top, are exactly what you need for beautiful, functional and dual-use furniture.

Are there any other living room configurations you’d like to know more about? Contact your local dealer!

A living room for all tastes and personalities