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En-suite bathroom

En-suite bathroom

An en-suite bathroom can give rise to highly sophisticated furnishing solutions.

An en-suite Bathroom brings to mind holidaying in hotels, travelling and enjoyable situations to savour the utmost comfort and relaxation in a single setting. When the bedroom also embraces the space dedicated to well-being, it turns into a genuine hotel suite. Let’s look at three different proposals with a modern, classic and industrial style.

Contemporary design

A minimal solution that exploits all the natural light from a single window and floods both the bathroom and the bedroom with light This furnishing solution creates continuity of spaces and perspectives, in a setting distinguished by warm hues and by the original volumes of horizontal base units and open-fronted compartments. Plenty of space is set aside for the shower enclosure, giving you the impression of a refined journey into pure well-being.

Communicating rooms

Another offering with a modern personality and simple yet striking silhouettes, distinguished this time by the presence of a wall that joins and concurrently divides.
The slumber chamber and the bathroom are communicating, but a little privacy is set aside for the walk-in shower and for the curved washbasin base unit with a considerably original styling, creating a kind of mini domestic spa.

Total continuity

There are no walls, niches, shower enclosures: the bathroom in a metropolitan loft is developed in total contiguity with the bedroom. They are separated only by the metallic mesh of the Total Screen which creates a considerably light and functional boundary, considering its equally practical role as a towel rail. Dark shades and metallic finishes for an en-suite bathroom with a strong, industrial personality.

Free-standing solutions

Free-standing bathtubs are perfect for lending their surroundings a touch of elegance, without foregoing comfort. In rooms with plenty of square footage, they are configured like genuine furnishing elements. Just like the Dea bathtub with its retro charm and sinuous shapes, perfectly inserted in a regal bathroom composition, which reveals all its precious details as it liaises with the bedroom.
Or the large bathtub in Matt White Solid, also dedicated to those who wish to be pampered by soft, rounded shapes, for a contemporary setting that is also designed around the concept of relaxation itself. Wide ranging spaces with a purely classic or modern style, to be enjoyed every day, for total well-being.

Do you like the idea of an en-suite bathroom? There are many different possibilities for various styles, browse through them all in the section dedicated to bathroom furniture!

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En-suite bathroom