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Glass kitchen

Glass kitchen: endless furnishing solutions

Has the glass kitchen won you over too? No wonder: glass has a timeless charm and, as well as fitting in with any style, it also brightens up the composition, reflects the light and is extremely easy to clean - an essential ingredient in the kitchen! But how does it blend in with the furniture? Here is an insight into the various glass accessories.

Glass plays the starring role

Today’s kitchens are based more and more on the search for material and colour effects, matching materials and finishes in combination or in contrast, depending on the sensation you wish to evoke.


If you find cooking particularly relaxing, it is important that the space around you also conveys good vibes: this is why a kitchen with Prestige White polished glass fronts (base units, shelves and tall units) is the perfect place to start to create a fresh and stimulating environment.

Epitome of elegance

Glass can be used in both modern and classic kitchens, as it can blend in with any furnishing style and enhance the modules, thus surprising even the most demanding tastes. The glass fronted unit with two glass doors is certainly very classy, and is also available with various custom shaping and effects to show off or hide the objects contained therein.

This container with Bronze glass from the Carattere model, for example, is great for displaying your grandmother’s dinner service or your most exquisite glasses: do you want to make them stand out even more? Put Velo lights vertically built into the wall units to cast sophisticated alternating games of light and shadow.


Another example of modularity, this time with a different glass finish, is the Stock Rack System designed by Diesel for the Diesel Open Workshop project, which combines the Bronze-finish tube and frame with Smoky Glass finish glass shelves with black mesh: when elegance becomes strong!

New technology

Designing or furnishing a glass kitchen also means using high-tech accessories which, besides adding a touch of style, ensure a high level of efficiency, making life easier at the hob: et voilà, the “simple” covering is transformed into an illuminated magnetic glass wall panel, to shed light on the worktop and house everyday objects, which can be organised on the Set Up open-fronted structure.

Stylish exhibition

We have just mentioned the top: why not choose this in glass too? It certainly needs the right attention, but it shows how a single design element can embellish a linear composition, especially when a polished glass top is combined with matt lacquered modules.


The Carattere model proposes another possible use for glass: in the hood.

In spite of its extremely simple and linear shape, this hood takes over the leading role in the kitchen, thanks to the transparent glass that lightens and enhances this part of the house dedicated to socialising.

Lastly, if you love attention to detail, here’s the icing on the cake: a special Levity glass support for the table, peninsula or both.