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Handle or recessed grip profile? This is the dilemma

Handle or recessed grip profile? This is the dilemma

The different opening systems for kitchen, living room and bathroom cabinets and wall units

Every cabinet has its own handle, or maybe not: the recessed grip profile opening is becoming increasingly popular in modern furniture. Which do you prefer? Let us guide you through the different types of handles and knobs so that you can choose the perfect opening system for your kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Handle opening

The classic handle opening system makes using the cabinets extremely practical and comfortable while ensuring a firm grip, especially if we need to reach a high drawer.


Despite the fact that it is a conventional solution, we mustn’t forget that alongside the more classic handles and knobs, like those featured in the elegant Teal Green matt lacquered Magnifica bathroom composition, there are others that are perfect for furnishing a contemporary style setting.

Diesel Social Kitchen, the kitchen par excellence dedicated to socialising, is reflected in its strong industrial-feel handles, offering built-in solutions, flight case and bridge models, designed to run the full length and conjure up the evocative atmosphere of an underground room.


For a vintage touch, on the other hand, never underestimate the exquisite geometric silhouettes, capable of adding lustre and personality to the door: an example? The round handles in the Polished Gold finish of the Exclusiva living room, features that embellish and accentuate the furniture, enhancing the entire composition.

Recessed grip profile opening

There are those, however, who prefer the handles with a more minimalist design and so opt for a concealed opening system: the recessed grip profile. Hence the door, drawer or compartment is opened directly through a recess created by a profile which, in line with the contemporary furnishing rules, can have different configurations.

One such example is the Motus model, which features a J-shaped handle recessed into the door, for a sleek and simple composition, that is also sophisticated in its combination with the top.


And how can we not mention Delinea? An emblem of the handle-free kitchen which offers two different types of grip: the Flat filler strip or the Round inset recessed grip profile, which can be fitted horizontally in the base units or vertically in the tall units, for a distinctive and elegant style.

Another very successful handle is the one inset at the top of the door with a metal or wooden profile: what distinguishes this solution is the special appearance of the handle, which looks like a groove in the upper edging of the drawer, ergonomically functional and aesthetically appealing.

Are you still undecided? Contact a Scavolini dealer to find the type of handle that best suits your composition.
Handle or recessed grip profile? This is the dilemma