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How to create a barbecue area for your outdoor kitchen

How to create a barbecue area for your outdoor kitchen

Here are some photos and ideas to furnish your outdoor kitchen this summer

What better than a barbecue with friends or family to end a sunny summer afternoon in style? If you have enough outdoor space and your budget allows it, creating a barbecue area in your garden is a great idea to combine the pleasure of cooking al fresco with some sociability. Let’s look at some examples together!

Before you start, make sure you have a suitable space for your barbecue area and your kitchen: it could be a corner of the garden, a patio or even a terrace, provided it is spacious enough to accommodate the barbecue and allow guests to move freely between one toast and another.

Types of barbecues

What’s the first must-have piece of equipment for a barbecue area? One of the advantages of choosing a mobile barbecue is that you can put it where you want: if you’re a novice, our advice is to opt for a charcoal version, which is easy to replenish and light, or a gas barbecue for extra convenience and odour control. If you think you’re a veritable expert, then you could even consider purchasing a wood-burning barbecue, which is ideal for searing your food and imbuing it with that irresistible smoked flavour while enjoying an authentic outdoor chef experience.


However, a chef must be able to rely on a complete kitchen best to express their talent, isn’t that right? That’s why an outdoor kitchen proves to be the optimal solution to integrate the barbecue area in the garden: designed with your favourite materials specifically for outdoor use, it offers a large worktop to prepare, chop and marinate your ingredients, and can be completed with any number of accessories, starting with a practical extra deep drawer to store condiments and wine.


Outdoor table

Meat, fish, vegetables or even fruit: what do you love to grill for your guests? Have fun experimenting with a variety of marinades, salsas and condiments to achieve unique flavours and lay a delightful table for your diners. If you have enough room, you could furnish a dedicated area with a table and chairs, or create a more relaxed atmosphere with armchairs, poufs and low coffee tables, to put down dishes to share as you chat.

In addition to the practical aspect, don’t forget to focus on the aesthetics as well by adding a touch of greenery with plants or flower pots, and decorating the barbecue area with lanterns and strings of lights.


All you’ll have left to do is put on some music and enjoy your evening!

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How to create a barbecue area for your outdoor kitchen