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How to furnish the ante-bathroom

How to furnish the ante-bathroom

Here are 3 super cool ideas to plan your ante-bathroom

The ante-bathroom, that ‘buffer’ space between the bathroom and the other rooms, which is often overlooked when planning your interiors. If you’ve also wondered about what to put in an ante-bathroom, then these ideas will make you exclaim: “why didn’t I think of that sooner?”. Let’s find out together how to make this intermediate space practical and enchanting to look at.

A smaller bathroom

In a busy place such as the ante-bathroom, the choice of furniture and accessories is definitely not negligible. If your ante-bathroom is big enough, you could consider installing a washbasin cabinet, with some drawers underneath or open-fronted elements to store toiletries, cosmetics and clean towels. In addition to enhancing the available storage space, it will also prove useful when you have guests, whom you can direct to the ante-bathroom to freshen up before coming to the table.

More than just storage space

Often, a common misconception of ante-bathrooms involves stacks of shoes and piles of clothes arranged haphazardly behind the door. But your ante-bathroom deserves more than that: why not transform this area into a veritable dressing room or walk-in wardrobe? Simply arrange a comfortable bench to sit on as you slip your shoes on, also featuring a storage compartment to hide away your sports equipment, or even a cabinet to store all your bags. Remember to add a mirror, surrounded with LED lights so you can check your reflection before you head out.

Laundry area

Have you already got a well-accessorised walk-in wardrobe? Then you can plan a laundry area in your ante-bathroom: use the Laundry Space range to design and build a space-saving solution with your washing machine stacked on top of your drier or fitted under the work surface, perhaps even with a washtub to rinse those delicate garments. Have you already sorted your dirty linen from your pile of laundry thanks to coloured baskets? That’s not just a practical solution. It can also be highly decorative!

For more tips on how to decorate the ante-bathroom and make it more welcoming, just contact one of our dealers!

How to furnish the ante-bathroom