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Where to put your shoes at home

Where to put your shoes at home

Numerous solutions for putting your shoes away

With slippers, sneakers, boots and ankle boots accumulated over the years, putting your shoes away at home becomes an ever-more difficult task! But worry not: even in the presence of a small entrance area or a cabinet packed with clothes, you will see that in this article you can find some simple yet strategic ideas to organise all your footwear.

A shoe rack is always a topical solution

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, the shoe rack remains one of the best options for putting your shoes away at home, given that it can be integrated into any surroundings, from an entrance area to a hallway, or as far as the bedroom. This gives rise to dilemma: a shoe rack which is open or closed? With the former choice it is certainly easier to find and select your shoes when you need them, but there is a negative ‘shop display’ effect just around the corner. In order therefore to keep your home looking tidy, if you have plenty of room, you can put your shoes away in a shoe cabinet, or better still in a walk-in wardrobe, taking advantage of the various shelves to subdivide your pairs of footwear based on the season, the style and the purpose.

Use vertical organizers if you only have limited space

But where do you put your shoes if you don’t have a shoe rack? For those who live in reduced-size accommodation, using the height of the walls is always the key: how about hanging racks behind the doors? These can be transformed into practical depositaries for your footwear, for example for running shoes. Generally speaking, these systems not only optimise the use of space, but they also allow you to maintain a degree of visual order, allowing you to avoid leaving shoes lying around the home.

How to hide your shoes

In order to have surroundings which are even cleaner and better organised, finally you can cleverly hide away your footwear, keeping it protected from dust, wear and indiscrete viewing. Furniture such as base units, benches or storage poufs can prove extremely handy for organising sneakers or heels in a way that makes them invisible, by providing not just a discrete resting place, but also a designer item of matching furniture which can be used as additional seating.

So which of these solutions for putting away your shoes in the home do you prefer?

Where to put your shoes at home