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New kitchen and bathroom tops: quartzite

New kitchen and bathroom tops: quartzite

An excellent choice owing to its strength, durability and styling appeal

Quartzites are metamorphic rocks which form over millions of years: they derive from sandstones which are subjected to extremely high temperature and pressure values due to the tectonic movements that cause the sand grains to melt and re-crystallise together with silica. This results in quartzite, an extremely strong and hard stone.
Quartzite is mined in blocks from quarries located in a variety of countries and subsequently cut to create thinner slabs. These are then sanded on one side to obtain a smooth and even surface. At the end of the machining process, a protective coating is applied to the quartzite slab to prevent stains and corrosion, which may be caused by contact with organic acidic substances such as lemon and wine. 

Let’s look at the advantages of using quartzite in the kitchen and bathroom!

Durability: this stone is known for its hardness and strength and is therefore used as flooring, wall covering or, in our case, as a worktop.
Indeed, it boasts outstanding resistance to scratches, wear and impact. 

Stain resistance: its low porosity means it is not prone to absorbing liquids and staining. This property should definitely be taken into consideration since the kitchen and bathroom are constantly subject to spills and splashes.

Heat resistance: quartzite is heat resistant, making it a great choice as a kitchen top since it can withstand high temperatures which may occur in the area beside has hobs. (However, please remember to use hot pads or appropriate protection when placing extremely hot pans on the surface.)

Moisture resistance: this compact material has a low absorption index and is therefore well suited for use in the bathroom as it reduces the risk of damage caused by moisture and humidity.

Resistance to chemicals: the surface of a quartzite top is treated with protective products that make it immune to attacks by acidic substances commonly found in kitchens or bathrooms.

Maintenance:  quartzite tops are relatively easy to clean and require minimal maintenance; since they are non-porous and coated with a protective treatment, you can clean them using mild detergents. 

Hygiene: quartzite is a hygienic material - since it is non-porous, it does not allow mould, mildew and bacteria to form.

What colour and style suits you?!

Quartzite offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of colour and pattern, which makes it highly adaptable to a variety of interior décor styles. When choosing the colour, remember to match it to the furniture in your kitchen and bathroom, the flooring and wall covering.

The different shades may vary according to the number of impurities present in the stone and the geological conditions during its formation. Some of the most common quartzite colours fall within the range of white, grey, beige, pink, yellow, green, blue, brown, black and red. Each colour then has its own grain and cooler or warmer, brighter or deeper variations in shade, lending the top a unique and distinctive design.


If you’re a fan of classic furniture or if you prefer to mix classic with contemporary, then opt for warm, neutral colours that create a refined and timeless look and embrace a more traditional style; similarly, the grain - which bring to mind classic marble - or the choice of a polished finish, are ideal choices for a more classic kitchen or bathroom.

Choosing quartzite with brighter colours instead lends the material a bolder look, making it the perfect fit for a more modern décor. The same clean-cut silhouettes are a great fit for more minimal kitchen or bathroom aesthetics.

Whatever the case, we can safely state that its versatility allows you to dare with classic and contemporary combinations for sophisticated settings, whatever the style.



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New kitchen and bathroom tops: quartzite