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The advantages of kitchen peninsula cabinets

The advantages of kitchen peninsula cabinets

Why choose kitchen peninsula cabinets: a question of style and functionality

The right compromise between a linear kitchen and an island, kitchen peninsula cabinets are becoming increasingly popular with recipe and design fans. Why? There are lots of reasons why you would succumb to their charm: in this article we explore some of them in more detail, and point out the main features of this particular kitchen configuration. Are you ready to get to know peninsula cabinets better? Let the introductions begin!

Good morning, coffee?

Let’s start by quashing a myth: like the island, peninsula cabinets are not only designed for large rooms, but also fit into smaller ones, often proving to be the key solution for making the most of the space available. Some models are ideal as a counter and perfect for replacing the often bulky dining table.


An example of this is the Carattere protruding breakfast bench, in Nabuk Oak finish to match the composition, which offers a very comfortable snack top where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast before starting work.

Are you already thinking about happy hour?


The Hold Up+ pull-out worktop of the kitchen peninsula cabinets displayed by Evolution is perfect for serving drinks and sharing them with loved ones: sitting on stools, friends will feel as pampered as if they were in a bar, while you can continue to prepare and finish cooking the evening meal.

Space for culinary experiments

A bridge between the kitchen and the living area

Divide or join? Peninsula cabinets can perform both functions: separating the living area from the food preparation area, thereby enclosing the different settings and their specific activities, or integrating the two areas, creating perfect stylistic continuity.


Just like in the glossy lacquered FluxSwing kitchen, where the Slide element creates an unusual sliding effect from the wall units down to the living room base units, reflecting the outline of the peninsula cabinets.

A new larder

Why not use the area under the counter to store cookery books, crockery and other useful kitchen utensils?


Thanks to peninsula cabinets with open-fronted end base units or concealed doors, you will have much more space to organise your daily essentials.

Well? Have you fallen in love with kitchen peninsula cabinets too? Our dealers are always available if you need more information!
The advantages of kitchen peninsula cabinets