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The Dopamine Décor furnishing style

The Dopamine Décor furnishing style

Fill your home with joy through your décor!

Have you heard the latest? There’s a hot new furnishing trend to look out for called “Dopamine Décor.” If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to transform your home into a veritable haven of happiness then keep reading!

What is the Dopamine Décor style?

“Dopamine Décor” is a trend based on a very simple principle: curating your home and its furnishings to boost your mood. Indeed, as the name suggests, dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter that rewards you with feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation after you do something good. So imagine being able to stimulate these positive feelings thanks to the design of your home: let’s get cracking!

Bright colours and lively patterns

The first step to embrace this style is to play with colours: forget about neutral hues and let bright block colours into your kitchen and living room, and in your bathroom too. An example? Make way for shades of blue, emerald, pink and yellow, to be distributed as you see fit on the walls or, if you would rather not overdo it, to use in your decorations and matching furniture.

Playful accessories and furniture

“Dopamine Décor” style accessories often have unusual and fun shapes: eccentric armchair designs, modern tables with geometrically shaped legs, large wall clocks are all examples of how this trend can come to life in your home.

Did you know art could also play an important part? If art is your passion, then demonstrate it by hanging pop art paintings or posters with bold graphics, capable of transforming even an anonymous room into a corner bursting with energy.

What about the furniture? A few choice pieces will be enough to charm and disarm your guests: which ones? These could include the delightful kitchen island with slat finish from the Lumina model or the versatile wall panel from the new Jeometrica kitchen, a precious ally to keep everything within easy reach at all times. Indeed, remember that the point is to create a space that’s not just eye-catching but functional and welcoming too.

Do you think the “Dopamine Décor” style could be right for you? Then just visit a Scavolini dealer for a feel-good home!

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The Dopamine Décor furnishing style