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The new Joemetrica kitchen model

The new Joemetrica kitchen model

Find out more about the new Jeometrica living room furniture collection

The latest new entry from Scavolini is the Jeometrica kitchen, the result of a partnership with Nichetto Studio, guided by the talented multi-disciplinary designer Luca Nichetto. Do you want to find out more about the collection? Its elements are so special that you can furnish the entire living area from scratch, injecting a splash of colour into your home.

The distinguishing “J”

“It has been an experience of genuine product design, which values the aesthetics of the project together with concepts and modules that in some way bring to mind the work of great abstract masters, where the use of colour and shapes creates a work of art; in Jeometrica, this characteristic is also tied to function. We have drawn on the equipped wall panel concept and attempted to enhance it and incorporate it into everyday life.”


Considering the latest interior design trends, the new Jeometrica collection comes as a revolution in the art of domestic furnishings, turning the heart of the home into a masterpiece of design and comfort.

From the open-fronted base unit to the shelves, the wall panel and the wall lamps, every component of the collection speaks a contemporary language, expressing the desire to furnish a beautiful, colourful and at the same time functional kitchen.


So here are the “J” elements for the perfect modern kitchen:

  • “J Box” open-fronted elements and open-fronted base unit: you can rely on a new space to organise your crockery, as well as bottles, jars and all your day-to-day essentials;
  • “J Box” shelves with wall panel and aluminium profile: you can transform an empty wall entirely, while at the same time keeping everything you want at hand;
  • “J_Lamp” wall lamp and suspension lamp: lighting the workspace and creating the right atmosphere is child’s play with these new lights;
  • “J_System” wall panel and accessories: you can customise your kitchen composition fully, by adding a custom-sized teardrop or rectangular wall panel which can be fitted vertically or horizontally and matches an exclusive line of accessories. Did you know you could change their position if need be, thanks to the multiple holes present? It’s simply perfect!

A colourful kitchen

Another distinguishing feature of the new Jeometrica model is the 29 mm frame door, with aluminium profiles available in two colours, paying tribute to modern furnishings.

You can certainly have fun creating your favourite combinations, choosing from a host of matt finish lacquered, decorative melamine, veneered, stoneware or glass finishes.

What are you waiting for? Visit a Scavolini dealer to see Jeometrica up close!

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The new Joemetrica kitchen model