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Total look furniture trends

Total look furniture trends

Organise and “dress” the different areas of the house with the same furnishing materials and finishes.

Habitus and Habitat have the same etymological roots. We can find it in the words and expressions like inhabit, having certain habits, wearing a habit. Living in a place where we feel completely at home means being able to dress it with elements that reflect our style and desire to feel good. This is why creating a real total look for our house is transformed into the possibility of choosing furnishings made with the same materials and finishes, making the entire home consistent to reflect our habits and styles.


Customise the furnishing elements
You can choose to coordinate the living room unit with the equipped wall. Or have the bookcase in the same colour as the kitchen. These are just a few examples of compositions that can be created, with furnishing projects that can be customised for every design initiative.

Total living projects

When designing a house, every single element becomes the stylistic common thread that creates a uniform and consistent end result.
You can choose units and furnishings, which not only interact with each other, but also seamlessly blend in thanks to programs designed for total living. Diesel Open Workshop is just one example of how you can add - without too much effort! - a unique aspect to the main rooms of the house: bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Mix of styles and materials

As is with clothes, the total look can be created by following different styles or by choosing different materials.

You can also create fantastic mixes that illustrate a refined elegance, because having class is rare!

If you love lacquered finishes, but still prefer a classic design, current furnishing trends combine both for completely new extremely mesmerising solutions.

If, on the other hand, you love the warm essence of wood, but with a contemporary mood, you can create kitchens and living rooms in Oak, Walnut or Ash finishes, with clean-cut shapes for a minimalistic feel.

There are infinite possibilities of finding the right style for your dream home! Are you ready to unleash your creativity? :)


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Total look furniture trends