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Recipes for a welcoming kitchen

Consejos para amueblar

Tips for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere while cooking at home.

This is the time to stay at home and enjoy the extra time we have to watch TV series and films, read, play and do homework with our children. Spending more time within the domestic walls also triggers our imagination in the kitchen, the desire to prepare those recipes that we have always wanted to experiment with, making home-made jams or a family-favourite pudding.

A kitchen from the olden days (but not too far back)

The most important ingredient is a kitchen in which we feel completely at home, where we can move freely, which helps us with all of our activities and makes us feel welcome. Models with a sophisticated vintage vibe transform the beating heart of the house into an efficient place where we feel protected, thanks to high-end materials, delicate colours and the practical functionality of the past, without sacrificing the most current elements of contemporary design. 

Classic kitchen - Favilla by Scavolini
Feeling good with a retro style

The kitchen turns into a space for feeling good and family life, where all cooking and preparation functions are gathered together, to bring enjoyment to the environment with a clear reference to past times.
The warmth of wood and the delicate finish of Butter White Ash in the Madeleine kitchen, with copper-coloured accessories and vintage taps, contribute to creating an overall effect of perfect harmony.

Madeleine classic kitchen
Counter and vintage references

The modern touch that never fails: the counter in the middle of the kitchen, perfect for arranging food and utensils, but also for eating meals and working. An element that completely sums up the possibility of performing many different activities that involve the whole family. In this solution it is combined with the linear Colony kitchen, where the design of tiles on the backsplash is a vintage reference that is repeated along the entire wall. While the modern style of the frame doors and handles creates a dream of a place that revisits stylistic design and traditional models of life.

Frame door - Colony kitchen
Country atmosphere

Country-style kitchens which help us enjoy a peaceful and natural setting. Wood, antique pastel finishes, units and elements with a retro twist such as a large chimney hood and surfaces covered with rustic tiles, create a relaxing atmosphere, where we can feel far away from the noises of the city and regain a calmer and slower pace. All features that can be found in Baltimora kitchen compositions.

Country kitchen - Baltimora

Do you want to know how to make your kitchen an ideal refuge? Discover all of the models in the section dedicated to classic kitchens!

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