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Stools for a study corner in the sitting room or kitchen

Συμβουλές για επίπλωση

Practical, versatile and fun: stools are ideal for working and studying from home. Ready to get comfy?

Setting aside a computer corner in the living room or in the kitchen is an excellent way to handle meetings and educational activities at home. To this end, purpose-designed solutions are a great help as they exploit all the available space, taking into account the size of the seat. We do realise that sitting on a stool for hours isn’t ideal, but you don’t necessarily have to compromise on comfort: our stools are both attractive to look at and comfortable to use! So there’s no excuse for being lazy: let’s find out more about how to set up a study corner in the living room so you can be as productive as you would be at school or at the office!

Sgabelli Endless Scavolini

Young inspirations


The word young itself brings to mind bright colours and creativity. Young is cool and fresh, modern furniture, unprecedented hues and striking yet simple silhouettes. Just like the Painter Young designer stools, among the latest new products to be released by Scavolini. These items of furniture put you in a good mood and recall school seats from the Eighties. Both the seat and the back are made of polypropylene, available in various colours, while the structure is in painted steel. A lively and fun line!

Produced in the pop version, the brightly coloured fixed structure or height-adjustable Flash stools in chrome-finish metal (or also painted with a fixed structure) and with a seat and back in SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) bring a breath of fun, fresh air into your home. These aren’t the usual kitchen stools: the eye-catching colours adapt to various styles of designer study corner, adding a touch of originality to the most minimal settings too. You’ll have a hard time not being enchanted by them!

Sgabelli Flash Scavolini
Sgabelli design Painter Young Scavolini
Sgabelli Weimar Scavolini
Sgabelli Freesby Scavolini

Space plays the starring role


When you can dedicate a specific part of your home to your workspace, then the ideal choice is to opt for impressively-sized stools that turn a study corner with a bookcase into a genuine room within a room, in a kitchen or sitting room. Freesby features a low back and a chrome-finish or painted metal structure. The matt finish coloured polypropylene seat surprises for its bold hues, while nevertheless proving discrete in its geometric shape.

Sgabelli Great Scavolini

With an altogether different style, Great is the dream stool that provides professional accommodating comfort levels. Its painted or chrome-finish metal structure and leather or vintage fabric upholstery in basic colours mean it can be placed in the middle of the room or in a large area of the home, even for video conferences in formal attire!


How do you like to furnish your designer study area at home? Browse all the Scavolini stools at authorised dealers!

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