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10 cm thick London Grey Fenix NTM® top
Freestanding metal towel rails
Wall bars

Gym Space

Gym Space. The Gym Space project redesigns the typical components of bathroom furnishings, skilfully combining them with a wall-mounted frame dedicated to physical exercise, and brings a fitness area into your daily realm, offering a new concept of wellness.
A few relevant features
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A new concept of wellness.
The all-Italian experience and excellence accrued by Scavolini and the interpretation of design as surprise, experimentation and painstaking care for details have led to the launch of this new system designed by Mattia Pareschi, which introduces fitness corners that envisage the use of equipment designed to stay in shape and defines a new way of conceiving the bathroom.
The heart of the project lies in the unprecedented reinterpretation of Gymnastics Wall Bars. The entire range revolves specifically around this piece of gym equipment, used as the base onto which additional sports equipment is applied – including a Scavolini bench and a traction bar – and to secure the bathroom furnishing accessories - such as lights, shelves, storage elements and mirrors. Suitable for any particular space, this solution is designed to blend styling with functionality and ensure endless configuration possibilities, leaving customers free to furnish the bathroom with the utmost customization.

Design by Mattia Pareschi
A functional look for your home fitness area: wall bars in the dark Core colour, fitted with its equipment, such as a lamp and containers, in matt anthracite finish, Calce Nero stoneware top and Oxide Steel decorative melamine doors. Colour combinations in keeping with the bold technical soul of this bathroom.
The Idro bathroom is accessorised with Gym Space equipment: storage elements that hang onto the wall bars and freestanding metal towel rails with the same styling as the accessories, available in two colour variants: White and Anthracite.
The light Gym Space Blond structure is the perfect setting for this Rivo Prestige White matt lacquered composition. A high-class touch are the leatherette strap that attaches the mirror to the wall bars and the White lamp with chrome-finish clip.
The Juno model for a new bathroom concept: the elegant shapes are intertwined with the delicate technical soul of the light Gym Space Blond structure on which multiple grooming allies have been arranged: metal storage elements also available with Blond wooden details, hooks and storage shelves, all painted White.
Blond light wood wall bars - Mustard Yellow SCAV 805 matt lacquered vanity units - 1.3 cm thick Mustard Yellow SCAV 805 matt lacquered top, profile B13 Elm Mineralmarmo sit-on washbasin
Core dark wood wall bars - Concrete Harlem SCAV 880 decorative melamine cabinets
Blond light wood wall bars - Seagull Grey SCAV 380 decorative melamine vanity units - Wave Mineralmarmo monobloc washbasin - 4 cm thick Seagull Grey SCAV 380 decorative melamine top, profile B22
Blond light wood wall bars
Gym Space
Wall bars
Traction bar
Accessory for wall bar

Add colour to everyday life with Gym Space

Lagu: Mustard Yellow SCAV 805 matt lacquered vanity units
Juno: Moon Blue SCAV 568 matt lacquered vanity units
Idro: Mineral Green SCAV 277 glossy lacquered vanity units
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Gym Space