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“Kit” built-in washtub
1.5 cm-thick matt finish Mineralsolid® top
Fluida Wall System

Laundry Space

Laundry Space. Innovation and originality for a pleasant work space.
A few relevant features
An harmonious proximity between bathroom and laundry room.
Ο χώρος πλυντηρίου Scavolini χαρακτηρίζεται από μια ορθολογική κομψότητα, με στόχο τη δημιουργία του πιο κατάλληλου χώρου για τις ανάγκες σας. Δεν είναι απλώς ένας χώρος πλυντηρίου, αλλά ένα μέρος όπου το design και η τάξη συγχωνεύονται για να διευκολύνουν τις εργασίες της καθημερινότητας: μια ιδανική λύση που καθιστά λειτουργικό ακόμη και έναν χώρο περιορισμένων διαστάσεων.

Design by Idelfonso Colombo
Aquo. Composition with Seagull Decorative Melamine doors. “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey Decorative Melamine. The wall-mounted base units designed for this modern Laundry Space are combined with the washing machine base unit, with Seagull Grey Decorative Melamine doors and matching coloured plinth (H. 12 cm). For an harmonious work space.
Rivo. Composition with Flint Grey Decorative Melamine doors. “Fluida” Wall System in Seagull Grey Decorative Melamine. The novel comfort of an accessorised laundry room to keep everything neat and tidy and retain the look of clean and compact furnishings.
Aquo. Composition with Azimut Decorative Melamine doors. “Fluida” Wall System in Seagull Grey Decorative Melamine. The matching shade between the Azimut laminate top and the Decorative Melamine base units adds value and elegance to the laundry room. The introduction of mobile elements together with an impeccable distribution of functions makes these settings - which are usually considered mere work spaces - both flexible and functional.
Idro. Composition with Porcelain Cream gloss lacquered doors. Scavolini’s laundry room is distinguished by a rational elegance, aimed at creating the most suitable space for your needs. Hence it is not merely a laundry room, but rather a place where design and order merge to accommodate your daily chores.
Idro. Composition with Titanium Grey matt lacquered doors and Prestige White matt lacquered open-fronted elements. Around revolving wall in White Decorative Melamine. Combining the Laundry Space collection with Scavolini’s Idro bathroom range makes for a practical and ergonomic setting. Notice the practical handle grips shaped into the door and the Polished White Mineralmarmo® top: outstanding solutions and prestigious design.
Aquo. Composition with Flint Grey Decorative Melamine doors. The attractive styling of the Flow sit-on washbasin, in Polished White Mineralmarmo®, lends an elegant touch to this laundry room, which already features every modern commodity, such as the two-door tall washing machine unit, featuring compartments for rational use of space and materials.
Aquo. Wardrobe with White Decorative Melamine doors. “Fluida” Wall System in Seagull Grey Decorative Melamine. The “Fluida” Wall System can also be combined with the Laundry Space. This, thanks to its depth, configurable compartments and linear or corner composition, lets you get the most from the available area, allowing convenient wardrobe areas to be created (by adding pull-out clothes racks).
Laundry Space
Around revolving wall 
Kit built-in washtub 
Washing machine and drier base unit 
Wall unit with Smart drying rack 
Wardrobe accessory

Add colour to everyday life with Laundry Space

Idro: Titanium Grey matt lacquered doors and Prestige White matt lacquered open-fronted elements.
Aquo: Flint Grey Decorative Melamine doors.
Aquo: Flint Grey Decorative Melamine doors.
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Laundry Space