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Your dream walk-in closet

Your dream walk-in closet

A modular solution that emphasises the appeal of the total living concept, to create uniform and functional spaces with a high styling impact

What do we ask of the settings in which we live these days? Basically maximum comfort, stylistic consistency and optimisation of space. Walk-in closets constitute your chance to achieve all this. Just like this new offering we are presenting. Are you ready to find out more?


For perfectly organized space

Total Look

Smarter, more compact and highly functional solutions. The walk-in closet designed by Vuesse was created to accommodate this very need. It is an ideal space-saving solution, a system of equipped and modular furniture capable of assisting us in storing our garments and accessories in specific and easy-to-access places. And thus keep our room neat and tidy at all times.

The walk-in closet is a trendy designer element. Its structure accommodates the need to customise the look, making all the rooms in your home uniform and seamless. The finishes and style of this small kingdom, devised and conceived to accommodate every single object, are the same as those of the “Fluida” Wall System, just with a greater depth (61.3 cm). This way, styling and functionality remain intact, across the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.


Maximum customisation

The ability to ply the walk-in closet to the specific space available allows for maximum customisation. So the cabinets, comprising vertical and horizontal elements with doors or open-fronted, can create linear, corner or U-shaped compositions according to the type of setting. The equipment, such as shelves, storage drawers, baskets and sliding systems, is available to complete the configurations, so that everything you need is ready to be picked, tried on and worn. 

Visible walk-in closet

The walk-in closet put together with the “Fluida” Wall System is not only capacious and easy-to-access, but it also boasts all the advantages of a model featuring built-in lighting. When the central light in the room alone fails to deliver optimum visibility, LED lights can be inserted in the shelves and containers, to ensure total comfort.


Your dream walk-in closet