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Transparent Smoked glass
Iron Grey “Fluida” Wall System
Teal Green Matt Lacquered Doors

Motus Living

Motus. The Motus collection fits in perfectly with contemporary living. It is not its unusual silhouettes that will astound you, but rather its understated yet stylish design that "illustrates" the identity of the surroundings.
A few relevant features
accessories adaptable CONTEMPORARy customisable DESIGN glamour glass international loft modular shaped lines sophisticated
The living room merges seamlessly with the operational area of the kitchen, breaking down the traditional barriers between private life and work life, between indoors and outside.
The “Fluida” Wall System in fact acts as an increasingly versatile bridge between these settings, to configure the cooking and living functions freely. Soft shapes and painstaking care for details which make domestic spaces even more welcoming and comfortable.

Design by Vittore Niolu
“Fluida” wall system with Seagull Grey Scav 380 decorative melamine drawers and back panels; Morocco red Scav 515 matt lacquered doors. Table top with solid wood support and Seagull Grey laminate top, 4 cm thick, profile 1I59.
Iron Grey “Fluida” wall system with Teal Green Scav 570 matt lacquered doors and Anthracite Grey finish Aluminium frame doors with transparent smoked glass.
Rust Scav 406 matt lacquered wall-mounted base units and top. 1.2 cm thick top, profile 3E. Iron Grey Scav 374 matt lacquered wall units, Sign accessory holder bar with vertical module with 4 compartments.
Mink Scav 856 matt lacquered wall-mounted base units, Brown Pinstripe Oak Scav 961 decorative melamine shelf. Cork Forest Quarz top, 3 cm thick, profile 3A59.
"Fluida" Wall System with Volcano Grey SCAV 324 matt lacquered "Assist" drawers. Motus table with Coal Oak Scav 936 solid wood legs and Metallo Black Abitum Porcelain Stoneware top.
Anthracite Grey finish Aluminium frame door with transparent Smoked glass.
Motus Living
Motus solid wood support
Dark Steel finish aluminium frame door with Smoked glass
Anthracite Grey finish frame door with transparent Smoked glass  

Add colour to everyday life with Motus

Wall System with Seagull Grey Scav 380 Decorative Melamine drawers and back panels; Morocco Red Scav 515 Matt Lacquered Doors.
Iron Grey “Fluida” Wall System with teal Green Scav 570 matt lacquered doors and Anthracite Grey finish Aluminium frame doors with transparent Smoked Glass.
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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.
Straightforward prices, another reason to choose Scavolini
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With Scavolini, 5 years of peace of mind and numerous advantages
Welcome to Scavolini No Problem, the project that extends the warranty to 5 years (60 months), dedicated to all those who have purchased a Scavolini kitchen or living
Make your choice responsibly.
With Scavolini, you protect the environment.
Because Scavolini invests in sustainability.
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The principles of Scavolini Green Mind

Use energy from renewable sources
Avoid wasting water
Reduce polluting emissions
Eliminate pollutants
Waste recycling
High energy efficiency of appliances
Use sustainable kitchen accessories
Zero-impact paper and printing
We are certified by the environmental management system
Motus Living