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A family-sized furnished home

A family-sized furnished home

Space-saving ideas and tips for family-friendly interiors.

Fun colours, versatile dimensions and customisation are the ingredients that prove most popular with families when it comes to furnishing their kitchen, living room and bathroom. Within the walls of every home, every member of the family needs custom-sized solutions: from tiny tots to adults, including children and teenagers, and even our pets. So the home is the place where everyone’s personality is welcome, accommodated thanks to fun, space-saving furniture. Let’s find out how and where to find the right place for everything!

Ideas to share the kitchen

It is no accident that the kitchen is considered to be the ideal venue for sociability and to spend time together. Preparing and eating meals together, doing homework after school, playing and simply catching up and having a chat are everyday activities that concern the kitchen and the entire family. With all this coming and going, it’s not surprising there is never enough space. Amid pots and pans, crockery, food and drinks, the priority is usually given to meals, but there are plenty of ways to exploit this space and make room for everything. One truly versatile idea is to furnish the kitchen with drawer units on wheels, which fit snugly under the table, beside the worktop or wherever they are needed. Whether they contain utensils, colouring pens or chargers for your mobile phone, etc., this accessory helps your daily routine through 360 degrees.

A trolley is another great practical tool, ideal for storing food and crockery, for moving heavy things around and then... it can also be used by youngsters! This indispensable aid from the Diesel Social Kitchen model can be customised to match the kitchen to add a splash of lively colour.

Another fun idea for your kitchen furniture is to choose cabinets in fresh and young colours, to liven up classical or basic settings. A cupboard in Tempera Green is just what you need for a space to be used together!

And when your family is tech-savvy, a wireless charging station always comes in handy: the charger from the “Extra” series can be installed underneath the top in Dandy Plus kitchens and used for all devices which feature this function.

Let’s get down to it!

Toddlers and young children are fun to entertain, as they are often happy with very little. A soft play mat on the ground is often enough for them to play around and touch various textures and spend time together, playing and learning at the same time: adults and children alike will enjoy lying down and spending their spare time looking at the world from below. Another solution is to design furniture and leave open-fronted elements flush with the ground, within easy reach of children and pets. Games, multi-purpose containers, books and much more will therefore be at hand, so even the youngest members of the family can be independent!

The Status Wall System from the Formalia model, proposed here with Titanium coloured structure and light grey matt lacquered wall units, features storage elements and open-fronted elements which make the separation between settings open and airy.

Safe and sound bathroom furniture

Household chores can be shared among all members of the family, each one playing their part, even if it is small, in their own room. There are certain “tools of the trade” which must be carefully and safely hidden away from “indiscreet eyes”. For instance power outlets and the ironing board.

With Laundry Space both can be concealed under the worktop, thus proving perfectly neat and tidy at all times (at least at first glance!). Cleaning detergents and appliances constitute another hazard. Thanks to Laundry Space solutions, they are locked away safely inside stylish and functional cabinets. Whether your laundry space is in the utility room or in a dedicated area of your bathroom, the final appearance will be clean-cut and tidy, and totally risk-free!

Which furnishing ideas would you like to see at home for our family? Find out more at Scavolini dealers!

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A family-sized furnished home