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A kitchen with open modules or closed doors?

A kitchen with open modules or closed doors?

Open-fronted elements or wall units with doors for your kitchen composition? Why not go for both!

Are you on the look-out for the perfect wall unit? When it comes to furnishing the kitchen, opting for open modules or closed cabinets could have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the composition, as well as on the functionality of the space.
In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two types of wall units, giving you some tips to strike the perfect balance between design and utility.

Open kitchen modules

Perfect for modern kitchen styles, open-fronted elements are essentially distinguished by “visible” shelves, in other words with a back panel but without any doors, which develop horizontally or vertically, framing a kitchen that’s entirely on-trend.

One of the main advantages of having open shelving is that everything is within easy reach: your cooking utensils and ingredients are more accessible than ever, making life that much easier when you’re trying to follow a complex recipe.

Also, don’t underestimate the fact you can also display your entire favourite plate set, your decoupage dishes or other collectibles, adding an entirely personal touch to your kitchen. However, there are upsides and downsides: since everything is exposed, it will be essential to check your open wall units are neat and tidy every day.

Kitchen modules with doors

Do you enjoy cooking, but tidying up, not so much? Wall units with doors, which are more traditional in their appearance, prove to be the ideal allies to keep your kitchen clean (at least on the surface!): while they provide all the space required to tidy away items of various sizes, from larder staples to appliances, they avidly guard their contents, thanks to the presence of doors.

But what if they are messy inside, how will you find what you’re looking for? The answer is good lighting, which is why we recommend you install built-in lights or LED strips underneath the shelves.

Alternating blocks and voids

Deciding for open modules or cabinets with doors in the kitchen is a decision which mostly depends on your particular taste and practical requirements, but how about a well-balanced mix of both? Alternating closed compartments with, for instance, open-fronted tall units will add movement to your kitchen composition while at the same time ensuring you benefit from a perfectly organised day-to-day setting.

How about you, do you prefer open modules or cabinets with doors? To plan your new kitchen at its best, contact your local Scavolini dealer!

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A kitchen with open modules or closed doors?