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A little bit of “Swing” in your kitchen!

A little bit of “Swing” in your kitchen!

Perfect shapes, clean-cut design, balanced size and form for a flawless modern kitchen

Flux swing, the new kitchen concept designed by Giugiaro is dynamic, elegant and lurid.
The meticulous design of the Swing kitchen carries with itself a streamlined design where straight lines meets curved lines leading to a perfect balance between volume and proportion, only guaranteed by Giugiaros’ Swing.
Thus Swing is the perfect solution for those looking for precise, vivid innovative and sophisticated design.

Characteristic Features? Special doors and joints, integrated built-in-hood, slide tape merging the kitchen with the living room, perfect silhouette of the breakfast counter and peninsula, that’s just some of the many characteristics of Swing

The Swing design with its push-pull design and curved and smooth edges avoids the use of handles to open drawers as in contemporary design.
Moreover, the corners are fused with curved base units to maintain continuity.

The slide-tape concept with its slide look, provides a classy addition to the living room. The modern design of tilted doors make your room more spacious and appealing.

Shaped elements
Shaped elements give an appealing aspect to your room.
- shaped elements with their majestic design on either side of the hood boosts the spacing and add chic.
- the front-opened larder unit with curved end, fitted with glass shelves, as well as the silhouette of the breakfast counter with its end base unit encompassing a shaped door.
- The island shaped design of the breakfast desk also brings in an aesthetic appeal.
Design & Style
A little bit of “Swing” in your kitchen!