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A living room with...Character

A living room with..."Character"

Simple, linear shapes, innovative materials, minimal inspirations with a twist of traditional style...

Beauty, class and impeccable design merge together to enhance the value of the living room with perfect balance.
To clad your living room with style, in the perfect balance of classic proportions and elemental contemporary shapes, the right choice is living room furniture with "Character".
A meticulous design yet one that is concurrently refined and trendy, for a setting that is elegant at all times, and suited to the needs of the entire family.

Carattere is a designer living room where light weight and symmetry cohabit in complete harmony, and clean-cut geometries stand out, along with well-defined corners

The atmosphere becomes all the more welcoming when one chooses furnishings tailor-made for its inhabitants.

Delicate hues or bold colours, exclusive, tailored details and a style devised to stand the test of time are just some of the distinguishing features of the living room furnishing solutions in the Carattere collection. To make your space exclusive, and if you like a style that is on the border between traditional and modern, Carattere is definitely the right choice for your home: you can pick more traditional furnishings with that touch of modern appeal provided by the rational arrangement of silhouettes, teamed with contrasting accessories, fabrics and matching furniture to customise your setting, making it both unique and original.
A very important and distinctive feature of the Carattere living room is the lighting, which is built into the living room cabinets or under the shelves, to create appealing alternating light and shadow to mark out specific regions of the cabinet: thanks to these games of light, the item of furniture takes on a more modern and functional appearance.

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A living room with...Character