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Accessories for a more comfortable kitchen

Accessories for a more comfortable kitchen

Accessory models that make the most of the available space, because design doesn’t only mean beauty, but also and most of all concreteness and functionality.

The kitchen is a large room to enjoy and which these days satisfies multiple needs, where everything revolves around preparing food. How can you make it more efficient and comfortable? With solutions that make the objects stored easy to reach, cabinets and motorised systems for easy accessibility.


Within easy reach

The kitchen needs to be an enjoyable place, a work space where finding everything you need immediately is vital. That’s why it is so important for a model to be equipped with accessories designed to use all the available space, including the most “inconvenient” ones. What strikes the eye in the Flux Swing project is design catering to the needs of functionality and the total control of every single centimetre available. Curved wall units and base units with push-pull opening conceal practical and capacious revolving shelves. What’s more, the insertion of a corner joining element offers you the chance to create continuity with the worktop and obtain a new practical and functional area to insert everything you need. 


Accessible to all

How do you reach the highest parts of the wall units? One solution is the Selfmotion system created according to the principles of the Utility System which guarantees maximum practicality for all, offering solutions that can be included in any type of kitchen. In this offering, the motorised sliding rail that helps people with reduced mobility and anyone to make the most of the full height of wall unit interiors and reach all shelves effortlessly. The small bars placed on each basket are an additional convenient element, to prevent the objects inside from accidentally falling out. 


Making the Switch

Making the organisation of space simpler while keeping everything in order is possible! Especially if there is a cupboard with retractable doors like Switch in your kitchen, so you can “hide away” your utensils, crockery, small or large appliances, and have an additional sliding worktop available. Another solution is the storage cupboard in the new De Linea model which allows you to create a mini laundry too, where you can arrange your washing machine, your drier, your ironing board and all your cleaning essentials.
Practical systems that combine elemental and elegant design with everyday needs.

Instruments of light

One last tip: don’t underestimate the lighting on the worktop, to have a clear view of the tasks at hand in the kitchen at all times, from reading a recipe, to preparing and cooking dishes. There to help us are the hoods equipped with a LED light and the ultra-efficient recessed ceiling lights for shelves

Accessories for a more comfortable kitchen