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Autumn: what you can’t do without for the utmost organisation at home.

Autumn: what you can’t do without for the utmost organisation at home.

Do you like tidiness? The cold season is the right time to tidy up your house and, why not, even change its look.

It’s autumn and we are slowly retreating back into our homes. More time spent indoors increases our desire to create the conditions for a comfortable and pleasant winter “hibernation”. How about we start off with a few tips on how to have a tidy house and how to make it more cosy? Here are some fantastic solutions you won’t be able to do without.

New home office workstation

One of the advantages of home working is that we can create our own workstation based on our individual tastes and desires; we can choose the room or space we prefer and the furniture that most suits us in our work.
If we chose to work outdoors, on the balcony or in the garden during the summer, now is the time to go back indoors and rethink the workspace. It can be a neatly organised office corner in an environment where living room and kitchen functions intermix, as in the Formalia solution; a desk equipped with shelves for storing useful materials, or inside the BoxLife concealed system that can furnish a living room or a bedroom. What lies at the heart of the project? Conceal to keep things neat and tidy: just the thing for you!

Exclusive relaxation

The home environment can offer us everything we need to regain the utmost well-being. Yes, as long as we have all that we need to indulge in a long hot bath, take a moment to enjoy some home-made cake or sit in our favourite armchair to read or drink a hot herbal tea.
The bathroom can be transformed into a home spa: all it takes is a bathtub or shower enclosure that fits perfectly into the room, combined with cabinets equipped with internal drawer organizers, towel rails and shelves for storing scented candles and soft, fluffy towels.
The kitchen can turn into a laboratory of colours and fragrances, with spice racks, herbs and visible utensils hung on equipped walls, ready for preparing cakes and jams, for sociable moments and dinners with friends that are back indoors. Warm colours and autumnal deco touches help to create the right atmosphere in the kitchen and living room, like blankets, cushions, rugs and equipped walls that make you feel snug and secure, which are essential for furnishing your living area, where you can rediscover the pleasure of doing nothing.
From the bathroom to the living area, we have created an all-inclusive relaxation package for the months to come!

Tidiness, finishes, furniture and accessories, everything you need for your autumn home. Find out more in the Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room sections.

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Autumn: what you can’t do without for the utmost organisation at home.