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Bathroom mirrors: all the models

Bathroom mirrors: all the models

Bathroom mirrors aren’t all the same: these ones will take you by surprise!

To touch up your make-up or ensure impeccable shaving results, any self-respecting bathroom has to have a mirror. Scavolini collections include several bathroom mirror models, each one in keeping with the overall style of the collection: have we piqued your interest?

Bathroom mirror units

If you’ve run out of space in your bathroom cabinet drawers and have nowhere to put your perfumes, soaps and toiletries, hanging up a mirror unit can be a winning solution: what do you think of Lunar Stock in the Diesel Open Workshop bathroom? Thanks to the storage and shelves, hidden behind the reflective surface, the round mirror becomes the perfect hiding place for your beauty products and toiletries, keeping them sheltered from dust and the roaming eyes of guests.

Devised for an industrial style of furnishings, this accessory is proposed by the model also in other non-storage versions, in particular with a rectangular shape and LED light, or with perimeter lighting and rear glass “wall panelling”. In short, this type of mirror manages to make the bathroom one of the most charming and beguiling rooms in the home.

Bathroom mirrors with LED light

What if we told you that you can finish styling your hair in the company of Alexa’s voice? Thanks to the Dandy Plus model, the room devoted to  pampering your body has become smart, offering you a series of accessories to make your bathroom time even more special. Mirrors are without a doubt one of them: Alice, a mirror complete with lighting, or Liz, with adjustable wall LED lamp, which accommodates your every usage need. 

Magnetic bathroom mirrors

Is your bathroom boring and dysfunctional? Then you’ll be happy to know that, with the Juno project, you can position shelves, soap dishes, tumbler-holders and towel rails wherever you want on the surface of the mirror, because they’re magnetic: definitely trendy details!


Together with the details, we’re certain that lighting is equally essential in the bathroom: to avoid smudging your eyeliner or trimming your moustache incorrectly, we envisaged a system of LED backlighting and mirrors of various shapes and sizes, adaptable to various surfaces.

Bathroom mirrors with a shelf

If you like the idea of having your personal items within easy reach, we suggest you also consider mirrors with a shelf from the Misfits line: the shelf surface can accommodate toothbrushes, razors, perfumes or hairbrushes, and it is strictly made of metal, emphasising the industrial feel of the Misfits Bathroom range.

Bathroom mirrors with a hook

Who says the bathroom is only for relaxing in? Taking care of yourself also means thinking about your physical and mental well-being, including doing exercise. So with the Gym Space project, the bathroom turns into a fitness corner, with gymnastics wall bars used as a base onto which additional sports equipment can be attached, and obviously also a mirror, so you can check your posture and make sure you are performing your circuit training correctly.

Now tell us which mirror model suits your needs the most?
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Bathroom mirrors: all the models