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Bathroom mirrors: the best solutions

Bathroom mirrors: the best solutions

The bathroom mirror, an important design object which gives the room more value, both in terms of functionality and styling appeal

A definite must-have in any bathroom, the mirror is the element which more than any other reflects our needs and our tastes. That’s why it is so important to choose one that we really like, both for its decorative value and to support our everyday habits and routines. Mirrors can come with a built-in light or they can be embellished with designer lamps. They come in various shapes and sizes, they can be free-standing or included in a wall unit. Let’s look at a few models which accommodate different functions and styles.


Minimal daily comfort

In this minimal-design Juno bathroom composition, distinguished by elements arranged in a corner with a wall-mounted Nordic Oak top, wall units and vanity units in Prestige White glossy lacquered finish, the generously-sized Start storage mirror offers additional discrete spaces to store your toiletries and beauty items. All embellished by the Racer chrome-finish LED lamp secured to the top of the mirror.

Another solution with a sleek and sophisticated look, yet which offers hugely trendy details and new storage solutions in its simplicity.
In this Juno bathroom composition, the new system of Link mirrors, fitted with back-lighting and affording plenty of versatility to create ever-novel configurations, features Magneto accessories across the surface, including magnetic shelves, soap dish, tumbler-holder and towel rail, which can be positioned freely anywhere on the mirror.


Let there be light!

Mirrors can be inserted in a wall unit that matches the modular bathroom cabinet. Just like in this total white composition of the Font bathroom which affords unrivalled levels of brightness.
All the elements are White matt lacquered, while the mirrors fitted with Magnetique lamps are the perfect companion for the wall unit with mirror door: so as not to forgo even a particle of light!

Well-being in the mirror

In a setting such as Gym Space designed to combine physical well-being with personal grooming, gymnastics wall bars can but become the perfect support for a mirror on painted sheet steel, in just the right place. High-class touches are the Light Grey leatherette strap that attaches the mirror to the wall bars and the White lamp with chrome-finish clip, whereas the furniture in this Rivo composition is Prestige White matt lacquered. 


I have double vision!

For life as a couple, a vanity unit with two washbasins and twin mirrors are a necessary condition to turn the bathroom into a place for sharing.
In a setting that is classic in style yet has been restyled with a contemporary twist such as Baltimora the composition with two rectangular washbasins is teamed with two Miro mirrors framed by the structure that identifies the entire project.

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Bathroom mirrors: the best solutions