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Black bathroom

A black bathroom is right on-trend

Are you fed up with the usual colours used for bathroom furniture? In this article, we reveal how you can decorate a black bathroom: that’s right, because the colour black is the perfect way to turn your bathroom into your beauty and relaxation boudoir, combined with matching towels, bath mats and bathroom cabinets. If the idea piques your interest, follow our tips to calibrate the right combinations for your very own black bathroom!

Black furniture

Don’t get us wrong: we know black isn’t the ideal colour for everyone, especially when used in unusual settings such as the bathroom. It all depends on how well you make best use of the available space and on making the right furniture choices. Here are a few options!

Have you ever thought about having a black vanity unit or dark coloured tall units? To accommodate all style preferences, Scavolini has designed multiple collections in this direction, imagining classy bathrooms that definitely won’t go unnoticed.

One memorable design is without a doubt the Baltimora model in the matt lacquered version with silver decorations: the composition includes a cabinet with lacquered doors and glass along with a super sophisticated console with a mirror intended to house the washbasin. And what about the bathtub? With chrome-finish feet and floor-standing tap set, boasting smooth silhouettes with both an aesthetic and functional purpose: indeed, the (ergonomic) backrest turned outwards ensures moments of unadulterated relaxation.

There is also a retro bathtub in the Magnifica bathroom in the glossy lacquered version with chrome-finish profiles, embellished with Swarovski™ handles and chrome-finish metal feet. To add a touch of class to the composition? The washbasin, vanity top, lamps and mirror are all in the same shade, along with the sanitary ware. 

Black bath linen

The Baltimora and Magnifica models can decorate entire bathrooms, but if you want to focus on accessories as well as on furniture, then another aspect to think about is definitely your bath linen. Select cotton, as it is a natural fibre which is compatible with frequent washes without losing its softness. Using matching black bath towels, hand towels and bathrobes will contribute to adding a sense of style to the room, with a hint of “darkness”, without being overly dramatic.

Black walls and floors

If you want to go for a truly distinctive look, then tile the floor or the wall behind the washbasin or shower with black tiles? To attenuate the intensity of the colours, our suggestion is to match this black look with a few accessories in paler and brighter colours, in order to create a well-balanced contrast.