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Bright colours for a personality-packed bathroom

Bright colours for a personality-packed bathroom

Energize your bathroom by picking bright colours

The bathroom is often an afterthought when it comes to interior décor, but in actual fact this room is a fantastic place to experiment with your creativity, daring with bold, bright colours. Using dazzling colours can in fact transform a dull and boring bathroom into a joyful and energising place: the ideal setting to rest and recuperate after a hard day’s work! In this article, we suggest a few ideas to furnish your bathroom with bright colours.

On-trend bathroom colours

Bright red, lively orange or lime green? Before you begin painting or arranging furniture and accessories, it is essential that you pinpoint the bright colour that inspires you the most and which suits your bathroom to a tee. Keep in mind when choosing the presence of natural lighting, which plays a key role in enhancing the appeal of colourful furniture, and the general atmosphere you want to create: did you know that every hue conveys different sensations? Orange, for instance, brings to mind the warm sun and the delicious taste of summer fruit, imbuing vitality into all settings, including the bathroom.

Bright colours for bathroom walls

How can you make your bathroom immediately more cheerful and harmonious? All you need is a splash of colour, by painting the walls (or just one wall) in a vibrant hue. To this end, another great ally is wallpaper, striking and simple or with geometric patterns: it immediately revolutionises the identity of your relaxation sanctuary, making it stand out.

Colourful bathroom composition

To make the room even more original, another tip is to opt for monochrome bathroom cabinets or to play with plain coloured accessories: from the washbasin vanity unit to the rug, the wall-mounted tall units and the towels, there are a host of different solutions to furnish a fully coordinated setting.

If you’re afraid of overloading the space, you can balance out bright bathroom colours with more neutral hues such as white, grey or beige, which are perfect for retaining a visual balance. Need more inspiration? A bathroom with a green cabinet and a white washbasin brings out the green even more, seducing the gaze of anyone walking through the door.

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Bright colours for a personality-packed bathroom