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Changing your kitchen: making choices in the right order

Changing your kitchen: making choices in the right order

A scale of priority...

Everything in the kitchen is of fundamental importance, because this is the room in which most everyday activities take place: eating, preparing meals and socialising. 
The decision to change your kitchen marks the start of an intense period, full of enthusiasm and complex choices. 
How do you successfully combine style with functionality? Which are the most important choices? Which factors have a significant influence on the elements selected?
We try to explain you how to navigate your way through all these decisions using a catalogue of decisions to be taken, in order of importance.

1. Looks matter

The first factor to consider is linked to appearance
In fact, the most important decision concerns the style and colour of the kitchen, because these aspects will fundamentally influence your perception of the room, and therefore your everyday life.
Closely linked to the first point are the decisions concerning the style of specific elements. To be more precise, it involves understanding which door handle and worktop to choose.

2. There is a kitchen for every space

You should remember that the kitchen is also a matter of numbers.
This is why you need to take account of the space available for furniturecupboards and domestic appliances
For example, if you have a large room you can opt for a model with an island, but even if you only have limited space in which to create your small but perfectly formed kitchen, a vast array of options is available.

3. Materials to suit all requirements

Among the elements which affect the solidity of a kitchen as well as its visual appeal are the materials used. Structures, coatings, doors, tops: every detail has its own material, suited to different requirements.  Materials can sometimes make all the difference, for example if you want a kitchen which is easy to clean.
4. Carefully selected “helpers”
Household appliances were created to bring progress, functionality and convenience into the kitchen. It is also useful to know how many – and which – options are available to you when choosing a model of ovens, hobs, dishwashers and refrigerators.


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Changing your kitchen: making choices in the right order