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Colourful details in modern kitchens

Colourful details in modern kitchens

From the softest combinations to brighter, more original pairings. Browse our colour combinations and find your favourite!

Wooden finishes in unprecedented hues, new colours and the possibility of creating a colour palette starring steel, neutral shades, a symphony of greys and browns, primary and pastel colours and, obviously, black and white.
The colours of modern kitchens are surprising owing to the variety of proposals they offer, heralding a contemporary total look to create unique settings.


Mix & match

Modern kitchen trends turn the heart of the home into a place featuring sophisticated styling, to be enjoyed and shown off.
The combination of finishes, in addition to highlighting the various components of the kitchen which is increasingly combining operating and sociable functions, becomes an excellent element of continuity with the living room, giving rise to highly personal composition expressions.

But the Kitchen is Increasingly Blue

The colour blue in a kitchen is elegant, light-weight, bright, easy to pair with wood finishes and metals. From the dark “denim wash” blue of the exclusive Indigo tempera finish (Diesel Open Workshop) that conveys a vintage ambiance, to the new Moon Blue (Mood) for navy inspirations, the pastel Blue Lagoon shade that delicately enters the kitchen, giving it a calm and refined appearance.

The allure of materials

Surfaces that are beautiful to behold and to touch, for a metropolitan style starring steel for a kitchen with a professional feel, wood in warm and stained hues, the sophisticated textures of marble, the natural appeal of stone and the sheen of metals in various colours, including gold and bronze, for settings that bring to mind chic and sophisticated atmospheres. And when individual materials are combined together, they create - as in nature - unique tactile and visual sensations.

Shades of Grey

Grey is always fashionable.

The freedom of choosing your favourite colour makes it possible to accommodate personal taste and put together both urban and eclectic settings thanks to the use of bold, dark shades, such as Titanium, Iron, Bromine and Tundra, as well as more classic environments with the arrangement of the colour in gentle shades, such as Seagull Grey, for furnishings with a strong personality, always.

The atmosphere becomes even more metropolitan thanks to two new high-impact textured finishes, Concrete Medium and Concrete Dark, which match well with the various shades of grey such as Graphite Grey, Anthracite and Mist for an effect that’s always sophisticated.



From the depths of the sea to enchanted woodland landscapes: the trendy colours for modern kitchens star natural shades that afford enjoyable feelings of safety and peace of mind.
From the refined and chic Green in the gentle Mineral variant, to the warm hues of Clay and Earth Grey, via Orange to Yellow to define open-fronted elements in both the kitchen and living room, and create genuinely nature-inspired atmospheres in our home.

A Kitchen in Black Tie

In the kitchen, the colour black is evergreen. The total black trend is an intriguing and fashionable example of creativity; alternatively, it can be used in small brush-strokes to add that extra touch of elegance, in contrast with paler colours, such as white, its natural partner, or other hues such as greys, dove grey and mink.

And if, as Henri Matisse said: “Colour ... even more than drawing, is a means of liberation”, all that’s left to do is to liberate your creativity and allow yourselves to be inspired by the shades of emotions!

Colours and materials
Colourful details in modern kitchens