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Convertible furniture solutions for a more versatile kitchen

Convertible furniture solutions for a more versatile kitchen

Concealed systems, extensible tables and extra surfaces which hide away in a simple drawer

The keyword? Versatility

With a little creativity and the right furnishing solutions, you can team styling with functionality and make your kitchen more suited to your every needs and desires.
Here are some innovative ideas, including practical extensible tables or tables which pull out of drawers, sliding tops and other alternatives to draw your inspiration from, so that your kitchen is truly perfect for you.


Explore movement in several directions

How can you best exploit all the available space, but only when you really need to? A sliding top is a valid solution to make your kitchen more dynamic, offering an extra surface when required.

With the Linear and Linear Simple (RH) models, the island stretches out into a generously sized table with a simple linear horizontal movement, sliding in the most appropriate direction depending on the position of the kitchen. 

Otherwise, for less conventional customers, or for non-linear corners, Diagonal and Diagonal Simple (LH) is a surprising solution with an unexpected oblique movement, in this case also opening up space for a table to enjoy a meal in company. 

Expand the surface area available

The kitchen should be an enjoyable place, a work space with furniture that uses all the available space smartly.

With Hold Up you can extend a table or an island, expanding the available surface area depending on your requirements: perfect for a romantic dinner for two, or to welcome guests with a special lunch. 

Concealed solutions

An alternative for those who have less room available, or for fans of convertible furniture, this solution can hide away inside a drawer: Friendly is an extensible table with a double leg that guarantees stability and a capacity of more than 100 kg, with the advantage of disappearing completely from view inside a drawer when you have finished using it. 

The same principle applies to Pixo, which does not rest on the floor and is fitted with a mechanism made entirely in aluminium. Once open, the top is perfect for a quick breakfast, to put your shopping down, to help your children with their homework, without setting limits to your imagination! 

Last but not least, there’s an absolute novelty in the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen which was recently launched with the signature of star chef Carlo Cracco. Assistant offers an extra “ingredient” for the versatility of your kitchen: a solution comprising a pull-out top equipped with a bin underneath it for all your food waste, with a side pull-out knife rack so your kitchen utensils are within easy reach. It is a complete system created in accordance with the example of top-level professional kitchens and which can be quickly put away, back behind the dedicated door.

Whatever your style or space requirements, with the right furniture solution you can make the heart of your home your ideal place.



*The products mentioned in this article use the technology of ATIM mechanisms, from a leading Italian brand in the creation of convertible furniture solutions.

Convertible furniture solutions for a more versatile kitchen